SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3559—Special Industry Machinery, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing special industry machinery, not elsewhere classified, such as smelting and refining equipment, cement making, clayworking, cotton ginning, glass making, hat making, incandescent lamp making, leather working, paint making, rubber working, cigar and cigarette making, tobacco working, shoe making, and stone working machinery, and industrial sewing machines, and automotive maintenance machinery and equipment.

Ammunition and explosives loading machineryLeather working machinery
Anodizing equipment (except rolling mill lines)Metal finishing equipment for plating, except rolling mill lines
Bag sewing and closing machines (industrial sewing machines)Metal pickling equipment, except rolling mill lines
Balancing equipment, automotive wheelMetal smelting and refining machinery, except furnaces and ovens
Boot making and repairing machineryNuclear reactor control rod drive mechanisms
Brick making machinesOptical lens machinery
Broom making machineryOzone machines
Buttonhole and eyelet machines and attachments, industrialPackup assemblies (wheel overhaul)
Cement making machineryPaint making machinery
Chemical kilnsPetroleum refinery equipment
Chemical machinery and equipmentPharmaceutical machinery
Cigarette and cigar making machinesPlastics working machinery
Clayworking and tempering machinesPottery making machinery
Concrete products machineryRobots, plastics: for molding and forming
Control rod drive mechanisms for use on nuclear reactorsRubber products machinery
Cork working machineryRubber working machinery
Degreasing machines, automotive (garage equipment)Scouring machines, tannery
Degreasing machines, industrialSemiconductor manufacturing machinery
Desalination equipmentSewing machines and attachments, Industrial
Die and hub cutting equipment (jewelry manufacturing)Shoe making and repairing machinery
Drying kilns, lumberSilver recovery equipment, electrolytic
Electric screening equipmentStone tumblers
Electron tube making machineryStone working machinery
Electroplating machinery and equipment, except rolling mill linesSynthetic filament extruding machines
Foundry machinery and equipmentTannery machines
Frame straighteners, automotive (garage equipment)Tile making machines
Fur sewing machinesTire grooving machines
Ginning machines, cottonTire retreading machinery and equipment
Glass making machinery: blowing, molding, forming, grinding, etc.Tire shredding machinery
Hat making and hat renovating machineryTobacco products machinery
Jewelers' machinesWheel mounting and balancing equipment, automotive
Kilns: cement, wood, and chemicalWood drying kilns
Lamp making machinery, incandescentZipper making machinery
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3559Special Industry Machinery, Nec2,675
355900Special industry machinery, nec165
35590000Special industry machinery, nec165
355901Sewing machines and hat and zipper making machinery118
35590100Sewing machines and hat and zipper making machinery32
35590101Bag seaming and closing machines (sewing machinery)8
35590102Button sewing machines0
35590103Buttonhole and eyelet machines and attachments, industrial3
35590105Hat making and hat renovating machinery7
35590106Sewing machines and attachments, industrial, nec68
35590107Zipper making machinery0
355902Boots, shoes, and leather working machinery16
35590200Boots, shoes, and leather working machinery4
35590201Boot making and repairing machinery1
35590202Leather working machinery8
35590203Scouring machines (tannery equipment)0
35590204Shoe making and repairing machinery2
35590205Tannery machines1
355903Automotive related machinery471
35590300Automotive related machinery264
35590301Automotive maintenance equipment127
35590302Degreasing machines, automotive and industrial47
35590303Frame straighteners, automobile (garage equipment)12
35590304Pack-up assemblies, wheel overhaul5
35590305Wheel balancing equipment, automotive16
355904Refinery, chemical processing, and similar machinery298
35590400Refinery, chemical processing, and similar machinery67
35590401Chemical machinery and equipment106
35590402Cryogenic machinery, industrial55
35590403Desalination equipment19
35590404Petroleum refinery equipment51
355905Foundry, smelting, refining, and similar machinery69
35590500Foundry, smelting, refining, and similar machinery12
35590501Foundry machinery and equipment51
35590502Smelting and refining machinery and equipment6
35590601Kilns, cement2
35590602Kilns, chemical1
35590603Kilns, lumber18
355907Rubber working machinery, including tires69
35590700Rubber working machinery, including tires33
35590701Tire grooving machines1
35590702Tire retreading machinery and equipment9
35590703Tire shredding machinery26
355999Special industry machinery, nec, nec1,351
35599901Ammunition and explosives, loading machinery34
35599902Anodizing equipment14
35599903Brick making machinery5
35599904Broom making machinery2
35599905Cement making machinery5
35599906Clay working and tempering machines6
35599907Concrete products machinery31
35599909Cotton ginning machinery22
35599910Electron tube making machinery7
35599911Electroplating machinery and equipment27
35599912Glass making machinery: blowing, molding, forming, etc.55
35599913Jewelers' machines9
35599914Lamp making machinery, incandescent3
35599915Metal finishing equipment for plating, etc.85
35599916Metal pickling equipment0
35599917Nuclear reactor control rod and drive mechanism0
35599918Optical lens machinery15
35599919Ozone machines19
35599920Paint making machinery24
35599921Parking facility equipment and supplies34
35599922Pharmaceutical machinery79
35599923Plastics working machinery163
35599924Pottery making machinery6
35599925Robots, molding and forming plastics28
35599926Screening equipment, electric20
35599927Semiconductor manufacturing machinery259
35599928Separation equipment, magnetic13
35599929Silver recovery equipment4
35599930Stone tumblers0
35599931Stone working machinery24
35599932Synthetic filament extruding machines5
35599933Tile making machines2
35599934Tobacco products machinery11
35599935Wallpaper trimmers1
35599936Watch rate recorders1
35599937Recycling machinery150
35599938Fiber optics strand coating machinery11
35599939Electronic component making machinery148
35599940Glass cutting machinery4
35599941Ice resurfacing machinery5
35599942Vibratory parts handling equipment19