Industry: 3547—Rolling Mill Machinery and Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rolling mill machinery and processing equipment for metal production, such as cold forming mills, structural mills, and finishing equipment.

Bar millsPipe and tube mills
Billet millsPlate rolling mill machinery
Blooming and slabbing millsRod mills (rolling mill equipment)
Cleaning lines, electrolytic (rolling mill equipment)Roller levelers (rolling mill machinery)
Cold forming type mills (rolling mill machinery)Rolling mill machinery and equipment
Ferrous and nonferrous mill equipment, auxiliaryRolls for rolling mill machinery, machined
Finishing equipment, rolling millSteel rolling machinery
Galvanizing lines (rolling mill equipment)Straightening machinery (rolling mill equipment)
Hot strip mill machineryStructural mills (rolling mill machinery)
Mill tables (rolling mill equipment)Tube mill machinery
Picklers and pickling lines, sheet and strip (rolling mill equipment)
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3547Rolling Mill Machinery129
354700Rolling mill machinery56
35470000Rolling mill machinery56
354701Primary rolling mill equipment8
35470100Primary rolling mill equipment5
35470101Billet mills3
354702Secondary rolling mill equipment59
35470200Secondary rolling mill equipment1
35470201Bar mills4
35470202Finishing equipment, rolling mill11
35470203Galvanizing lines (rolling mill equipment)3
35470205Picklers and pickling lines (rolling mill equipment)1
35470206Pipe and tube mills18
35470207Plate rolling mill machinery3
35470208Rod mills (rolling mill equipment)2
35470209Steel rolling machinery15
35470210Straightening machinery (rolling mill equipment)1
35470211Structural mills (rolling mill equipment)0
354799Rolling mill machinery, nec6
35479901Ferrous and nonferrous mill equipment, auxiliary6