20 - Food and Kindred Products
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
20Food and Kindred Products42,004
2011Meat Packing Plants1,557
201100Meat packing plants1,189
20110000Meat packing plants1,189
201101Beef products, from beef slaughtered on site169
20110100Beef products, from beef slaughtered on site118
20110101Boxed beef, from meat slaughtered on site31
20110102Corned beef, from meat slaughtered on site2
20110103Veal, from meat slaughtered on site18
201102Pork products, from pork slaughtered on site84
20110200Pork products, from pork slaughtered on site56
20110201Bacon, slab and sliced, from meat slaughtered on site16
20110202Hams and picnics, from meat slaughtered on site12
201103Lamb products, from lamb slaughtered on site17
20110300Lamb products, from lamb slaughtered on site14
20110301Mutton, from meat slaughtered on site3
201104Meat by-products, from meat slaughtered on site37
20110400Meat by-products, from meat slaughtered on site33
20110401Blood meal2
20110402Hides, cured or uncured: from carcasses slaughtered on site1
20110403Lard, from carcasses slaughtered on site1
201199Meat packing plants, nec61
20119901Canned meats (except baby food), meat slaughtered on site11
20119902Cured meats, from meat slaughtered on site6
20119903Dried meats, from meat slaughtered on site3
20119904Frankfurters, from meat slaughtered on site1
20119905Horse meat, for human consumption: slaughtered on site2
20119906Luncheon meat, from meat slaughtered on site4
20119907Sausages, from meat slaughtered on site26
20119908Variety meats, fresh edible organs8
2013Sausages and Other Prepared Meats1,193
201300Sausages and other prepared meats443
20130000Sausages and other prepared meats443
201301Prepared beef products, from purchased beef138
20130100Prepared beef products, from purchased beef67
20130101Beef stew, from purchased meat8
20130102Beef, dried: from purchased meat44
20130103Calf's foot jelly, from purchased meat5
20130104Corned beef, from purchased meat5
20130105Pastrami, from purchased meat2
20130106Roast beef, from purchased meat7
201302Prepared pork products, from purchased pork131
20130200Prepared pork products, from purchased pork71
20130201Bacon, side and sliced: from purchased meat14
20130202Ham, boiled: from purchased meat3
20130203Ham, boneless: from purchased meat2
20130204Ham, canned: from purchased meat1
20130205Ham, roasted: from purchased meat4
20130206Ham, smoked: from purchased meat11
20130207Pigs' feet, cooked and pickled: from purchased meat5
20130208Pork, cured: from purchased meat14
20130209Pork, pickled: from purchased meat2
20130210Pork, salted: from purchased meat1
20130211Pork, smoked: from purchased meat3
201303Sausages and related products, from purchased meat269
20130300Sausages and related products, from purchased meat64
20130301Bologna, from purchased meat2
20130302Frankfurters, from purchased meat3
20130303Sausage casings, natural13
20130304Sausages, from purchased meat185
20130305Vienna sausage, from purchased meat2
201399Sausages and other prepared meats, nec212
20139901Boneless meat, from purchased meat11
20139902Canned meats (except baby food), from purchased meat13
20139903Cooked meats, from purchased meat14
20139904Corned meats, from purchased meat1
20139905Cured meats, from purchased meat11
20139906Frozen meats, from purchased meat44
20139907Head cheese, from purchased meat products3
20139908Lamb stew, from purchased meat2
20139909Lard, from purchased meat products1
20139910Luncheon meat, from purchased meat4
20139911Meat extracts, from purchased meat4
20139913Puddings, meat, from purchased meat1
20139914Scrapple, from purchased meat1
20139915Smoked meats, from purchased meat29
20139916Snack sticks, including jerky: from purchased meat66
20139917Spiced meats, from purchased meat1
20139918Spreads, sandwich: meat, from purchased meat6
2015Poultry Slaughtering and Processing650
201500Poultry slaughtering and processing181
20150000Poultry slaughtering and processing181
201501Chicken slaughtering and processing177
20150100Chicken slaughtering and processing64
20150101Chicken, processed, nsk23
20150102Chicken, processed: canned1
20150103Chicken, processed: cooked9
20150104Chicken, processed: fresh33
20150105Chicken, processed: frozen14
20150106Chicken, slaughtered and dressed33
201502Duck slaughtering and processing6
20150200Duck slaughtering and processing2
20150201Ducks, processed, nsk0
20150204Ducks, processed: fresh2
20150206Ducks, slaughtered and dressed2
201503Egg processing71
20150300Egg processing59
20150301Egg albumen0
20150302Egg substitutes made from eggs1
20150303Eggs, processed: canned1
20150304Eggs, processed: dehydrated9
20150305Eggs, processed: desiccated (dried)0
20150306Eggs, processed: frozen1
201504Small game slaughtering and processing12
20150400Small game slaughtering and processing9
20150403Game, small: processed, fresh2
20150404Game, small: processed, frozen0
20150405Game, small: slaughtered and dressed1
201505Geese slaughtering and processing0
20150500Geese slaughtering and processing0
20150504Geese, processed: fresh0
201506Poultry slaughtering and processing117
20150600Poultry slaughtering and processing29
20150601Poultry, processed, nsk51
20150602Poultry, processed: canned3
20150603Poultry, processed: cooked4
20150604Poultry, processed: fresh12
20150605Poultry, processed: frozen2
20150606Poultry, processed: smoked1
20150607Poultry, processed: spiced0
20150608Poultry, slaughtered and dressed15
201507Rabbit slaughtering and processing4
20150700Rabbit slaughtering and processing1
20150701Rabbit, processed, nsk2
201508Turkey processing and slaughtering51
20150800Turkey processing and slaughtering23
20150801Turkey, processed, nsk17
20150802Turkey, processed: canned0
20150803Turkey, processed: cooked3
20150804Turkey, processed: fresh5
20150805Turkey, processed: frozen1
20150806Turkey, slaughtered and dressed2
201509Poultry sausage, luncheon meats, and other poultry products31
20150900Poultry sausage, luncheon meats, and other poultry products14
20150901Bologna, poultry1
20150902Frankfurters, poultry1
20150903Ham, poultry3
20150904Luncheon meat, poultry0
20150906Sausage, poultry2
20150907Spreads, sandwich: poultry0
20150908Variety meats (fresh edible organs), poultry10
2021Creamery Butter230
202100Creamery butter222
20210000Creamery butter222
202199Creamery butter, nec8
20219901Butter oil6
20219902Butter powder1
20219905Whey butter1
2022Cheese; Natural and Processed823
202200Cheese; natural and processed283
20220000Cheese; natural and processed283
202201Cheese spreads, dips, pastes, and other cheese products65
20220100Cheese spreads, dips, pastes, and other cheese products49
20220101Dips, cheese-based4
20220102Pastes, cheese1
20220103Spreads, cheese7
20220104Whey, raw or liquid4
202299Cheese; natural and processed, nec475
20229901Imitation cheese5
20229902Natural cheese173
20229903Processed cheese297
2023Dry, Condensed, Evaporated Products739
202300Dry, condensed and evaporated dairy products107
20230000Dry, condensed and evaporated dairy products107
202301Baby formulas23
20230100Baby formulas13
20230101Bottled baby formula3
20230102Canned baby formula1
20230104Powdered baby formula6
20230105Processed baby formula0
202302Condensed, concentrated, and evaporated milk products41
20230200Condensed, concentrated, and evaporated milk products8
20230202Concentrated milk2
20230203Concentrated skim milk2
20230204Concentrated whey4
20230206Condensed milk4
20230207Condensed whey0
20230208Evaporated buttermilk0
20230209Evaporated milk21
20230210Evaporated whey0
202303Dried and powdered milk and milk products47
20230300Dried and powdered milk and milk products15
20230303Dried milk5
20230304Dried nonfat milk3
20230306Dried whey1
20230307Milk preparations, dried1
20230308Powdered buttermilk1
20230310Powdered milk14
20230311Powdered skim milk0
20230312Powdered whey6
202399Dry, condensed, evaporated products, nec521
20239902Canned milk, whole0
20239903Casein, dry or wet1
20239904Cream substitutes5
20239905Dietary supplements, dairy and non-dairy based492
20239906Eggnog, packaged: non-alcoholic1
20239907Ice cream mix, unfrozen: liquid or dry12
20239909Lactose, edible (milk sugar)1
20239910Malted milk0
20239911Milkshake mix3
20239912Whipped topping, dry mix0
20239913Yogurt mix4
2024Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts1,385
202400Ice cream and frozen desserts722
20240000Ice cream and frozen desserts722
202401Ice cream and ice milk409
20240100Ice cream and ice milk56
20240101Ice cream, bulk312
20240102Ice cream, packaged: molded, on sticks, etc.38
20240103Ice milk, bulk2
20240104Ice milk, packaged: molded, on sticks, etc.1
202402Dairy based frozen desserts152
20240200Dairy based frozen desserts46
20240201Custard, frozen19
20240202Pudding pops, frozen0
20240203Sherbets, dairy based5
20240205Yogurt desserts, frozen82
202403Nondairy based frozen desserts102
20240300Nondairy based frozen desserts16
20240301Fruit pops, frozen14
20240302Gelatin pops, frozen1
20240303Ices, flavored (frozen dessert)47
20240304Juice pops, frozen11
20240307Sorbets, non-dairy based4
20240308Tofu desserts, frozen8
2026Fluid Milk740
202600Fluid milk249
20260000Fluid milk249
202601Milk and cream, except fermented, cultured, and flavored164
20260100Milk and cream, except fermented, cultured, and flavored17
20260101Cream, aerated0
20260102Cream, sour4
20260103Cream, sweet1
20260104Cream, whipped4
20260105Half and half2
20260106Milk processing (pasteurizing, homogenizing, bottling)135
20260107Milk, reconstituted0
20260108Milk, ultra-high temperature (longlife)1
202602Fermented and cultured milk products296
20260200Fermented and cultured milk products18
20260202Bakers' cheese3
20260203Buttermilk, cultured5
20260204Cottage cheese5
20260205Farmers' cheese18
20260207Pot cheese1
202699Fluid milk, nec31
20269901Dips, sour cream based4
20269902Eggnog, fresh: non-alcoholic3
20269903Milk drinks, flavored9
20269904Milk, chocolate6
20269905Whipped topping, except frozen or dry mix9
2032Canned Specialties595
203200Canned specialties115
20320000Canned specialties115
203201Beans and bean sprouts, canned, jarred, etc.36
20320100Beans and bean sprouts, canned, jarred, etc.14
20320101Bean sprouts: packaged in cans, jars, etc.5
20320102Beans, baked with meat: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20320103Beans, baked without meat: packaged in cans, jars, etc.9
20320104Beans, with meat: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20320105Beans, without meat: packaged in cans, jars, etc.8
203202Ethnic foods, canned, jarred, etc.376
20320200Ethnic foods, canned, jarred, etc.80
20320201Chili, with or without meat: packaged in cans, jars, etc.14
20320202Chinese foods, nec: packaged in cans, jars, etc.21
20320204Chow mein: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20320205Enchiladas: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20320206Italian foods, nec: packaged in cans, jars, etc.50
20320207Macaroni: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20320208Mexican foods, nec: packaged in cans, jars, etc.161
20320209Ravioli: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20320210Spaghetti: packaged in cans, jars, etc.2
20320211Spanish foods: packaged in cans, jars, etc.10
20320212Tamales: packaged in cans, jars, etc.18
20320213Tortillas: packaged in cans, jars, etc.18
203203Soups and broths, canned, jarred, etc.31
20320300Soups and broths, canned, jarred, etc.13
20320301Beef broth: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20320302Beef soup: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20320304Chicken broth: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20320305Chicken soup: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20320306Soups, except seafood: packaged in cans, jars, etc.10
203299Canned specialties, nec37
20329901Baby foods, including meats: packaged in cans, jars, etc.28
20329902Mincemeat: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20329903Puddings, except meat: packaged in cans, jars, etc.9
2033Canned Fruits and Specialties1,150
203300Canned fruits and specialties167
20330000Canned fruits and specialties167
203301Tomato products, packaged in cans, jars, etc.337
20330100Tomato products, packaged in cans, jars, etc.43
20330101Barbecue sauce: packaged in cans, jars, etc.157
20330102Catsup: packaged in cans, jars, etc.12
20330103Chili sauce, tomato: packaged in cans, jars, etc.31
20330104Pizza sauce: packaged in cans, jars, etc.7
20330105Seasonings, tomato: packaged in cans, jars, etc.8
20330106Spaghetti and other pasta sauce: packaged in cans, jars, etc35
20330107Tomato cocktails: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20330108Tomato juice: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20330109Tomato paste: packaged in cans, jars, etc.7
20330110Tomato purees: packaged in cans, jars, etc.3
20330111Tomato sauce: packaged in cans, jars, etc.33
203302Jams, jellies, and preserves, packaged in cans, jars, etc.170
20330200Jams, jellies, and preserves, packaged in cans, jars, etc.111
20330201Jams, including imitation: packaged in cans, jars, etc.27
20330202Jellies, edible, including imitation: in cans, jars, etc.14
20330203Marmalade: packaged in cans, jars, etc.4
20330204Preserves, including imitation: in cans, jars, etc.14
203303Fruits and fruit products, in cans, jars, etc.342
20330300Fruits and fruit products, in cans, jars, etc.46
20330301Apple sauce: packaged in cans, jars, etc.11
20330302Fruit butters: packaged in cans, jars, etc.4
20330303Fruit juices: concentrated, hot pack11
20330304Fruit juices: fresh108
20330305Fruit juices: packaged in cans, jars, etc.82
20330306Fruit nectars: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20330307Fruit pastes: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20330308Fruit pie mixes and fillings: packaged in cans, jars, etc.3
20330309Fruit purees: packaged in cans, jars, etc.8
20330310Fruits: packaged in cans, jars, etc.47
20330311Maraschino cherries: packaged in cans, jars, etc.8
20330312Olives: packaged in cans, jars, etc.12
203304Vegetables and vegetable products, in cans, jars, etc.134
20330400Vegetables and vegetable products, in cans, jars, etc.25
20330402Hominy: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20330403Mushrooms: packaged in cans, jars, etc.26
20330404Sauerkraut: packaged in cans, jars, etc.5
20330405Vegetable juices: concentrated, hot pack1
20330406Vegetable juices: fresh15
20330407Vegetable juices: packaged in cans, jars, etc.7
20330408Vegetable pastes: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20330409Vegetable pie mixes and fillings: in cans, jars, etc.0
20330410Vegetable purees: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20330411Vegetables: packaged in cans, jars, etc.52
2034Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables, Soups293
203400Dried and dehydrated fruits, vegetables and soup mixes92
20340000Dried and dehydrated fruits, vegetables and soup mixes92
203401Dried and dehydrated soup mixes40
20340100Dried and dehydrated soup mixes15
20340101Soup mixes20
20340102Soup powders1
20340103Soups, dehydrated4
203402Dried and dehydrated fruits109
20340200Dried and dehydrated fruits34
20340201Dates, dried5
20340203Fruit juices, dehydrated3
20340204Fruits, dried or dehydrated, except freeze-dried17
20340205Fruits, freeze-dried5
20340207Olives, dried1
20340208Prunes, dried13
203403Dried and dehydrated vegetables52
20340300Dried and dehydrated vegetables23
20340301Potato products, dried and dehydrated18
20340302Vegetable flour, meal, and powder1
20340303Vegetables, dried or dehydrated (except freeze-dried)9
20340304Vegetables, freeze-dried0
2035Pickles, Sauces, and Salad Dressings779
203500Pickles, sauces, and salad dressings240
20350000Pickles, sauces, and salad dressings240
203501Seasonings and sauces, except tomato and dry261
20350100Seasonings and sauces, except tomato and dry88
20350101Dressings, salad: raw and cooked (except dry mixes)39
20350102Horseradish, prepared16
20350104Mustard, prepared (wet)28
20350105Seasonings, meat sauces (except tomato and dry)22
20350106Seasonings, seafood sauces (except tomato and dry)24
20350107Seasonings, vegetable sauces (except tomato and dry)5
20350108Soy sauce16
20350109Spreads, garlic5
20350110Spreads, sandwich: salad dressing base12
20350111Worcestershire sauce0
203502Pickled fruits and vegetables278
20350200Pickled fruits and vegetables189
20350201Cucumbers, pickles and pickle salting27
20350202Fruits, brined1
20350203Fruits, pickled2
20350204Olives, brined: bulk3
20350205Onions, pickled2
20350206Pickles, vinegar31
20350207Relishes, fruit and vegetable8
20350208Relishes, vinegar3
20350209Sauerkraut, bulk4
20350210Vegetables, brined1
20350211Vegetables, pickled7
2037Frozen Fruits and Vegetables546
203700Frozen fruits and vegetables260
20370000Frozen fruits and vegetables260
203701Frozen fruits and vegetables131
20370100Frozen fruits and vegetables24
20370101Citrus pulp, dried5
20370102Fruits, quick frozen and cold pack (frozen)35
20370103Potato products, quick frozen and cold pack30
20370104Vegetables, quick frozen & cold pack, excl. potato products37
203702Fruit juices155
20370200Fruit juices120
20370201Fruit juice concentrates, frozen24
20370202Fruit juices, frozen11
2038Frozen Specialties, Nec606
203800Frozen specialties, nec297
20380000Frozen specialties, nec297
203899Frozen specialties, nec, nec309
20389901Breakfasts, frozen and packaged30
20389902Dinners, frozen and packaged39
20389903Ethnic foods, nec, frozen97
20389904French toast, frozen0
20389905Lunches, frozen and packaged7
20389906Pizza, frozen76
20389907Snacks, incl. onion rings, cheese sticks, etc.34
20389908Soups, frozen11
20389909Spaghetti and meatballs, frozen1
20389910Waffles, frozen13
20389911Whipped topping, frozen1
2041Flour and Other Grain Mill Products482
204100Flour and other grain mill products158
20410000Flour and other grain mill products158
20410101Buckwheat flour1
20410102Cake flour3
20410103Corn flour12
20410104Durum flour1
20410105Flour: blended, prepared, or self-rising23
20410107Granular wheat flour1
20410108Millet flour0
20410109Oat flour3
20410111Semolina flour1
20410112Sorghum grain flour1
20410113Wheat flour18
204102Doughs and batters62
20410200Doughs and batters17
20410201Biscuit dough2
20410202Doughs, frozen or refrigerated13
20410203Pancake batter, frozen or refrigerated3
20410204Pizza dough, prepared27
204103Flour mixes32
20410300Flour mixes10
20410301Bread and bread-type roll mixes13
20410302Pizza mixes9
204199Flour and other grain mill products, nec116
20419901Bran and middlings (except rice)0
20419902Corn grits and flakes, for brewers' use11
20419903Corn meal15
20419904Farina (except breakfast food)1
20419905Flour mills, cereal (except rice)46
20419906Grain cereals, cracked4
20419907Grain mills (except rice)35
20419908Hominy grits (except breakfast food)0
20419909Wheat germ2
20419910Wheat mill feed2
2043Cereal Breakfast Foods293
204300Cereal breakfast foods206
20430000Cereal breakfast foods206
204399Cereal breakfast foods, nec87
20439901Coffee substitutes, made from grain12
20439902Corn flakes: prepared as cereal breakfast food1
20439903Corn, hulled: prepared as cereal breakfast food1
20439905Granola and muesli, except bars and clusters25
20439906Hominy grits: prepared as cereal breakfast food0
20439907Infants' foods, cereal type8
20439908Millet: prepared as cereal breakfast food0
20439909Oatmeal: prepared as cereal breakfast food12
20439910Oats, rolled: prepared as cereal breakfast food4
20439911Rice: prepared as cereal breakfast food7
20439913Soy: prepared as cereal breakfast food1
20439914Wheat flakes: prepared as cereal breakfast food14
2044Rice Milling132
204400Rice milling95
20440000Rice milling95
204499Rice milling, nec37
20449901Bran, rice6
20449902Brewers' rice2
20449903Brown rice5
20449904Enriched rice (vitamin and mineral fortified)6
20449905Flour, rice4
20449907Meal, rice0
20449908Milled rice11
20449909Polished rice3
2045Prepared Flour Mixes and Doughs166
204500Prepared flour mixes and doughs65
20450000Prepared flour mixes and doughs65
204501Flours and flour mixes, from purchased flour67
20450100Flours and flour mixes, from purchased flour15
20450102Biscuit mixes, prepared: from purchased flour1
20450103Blended flour: from purchased flour2
20450104Bread and bread type roll mixes: from purchased flour17
20450105Cake flour: from purchased flour0
20450106Cake mixes, prepared: from purchased flour8
20450107Doughnut mixes, prepared: from purchased flour7
20450108Farina, except cereal breakfast food: from purchased flour0
20450109Gingerbread mix, prepared: from purchased flour2
20450110Pancake mixes, prepared: from purchased flour12
20450112Pizza mixes: from purchased flour3
204502Doughs and batters, from purchased flour34
20450200Doughs and batters, from purchased flour3
20450201Biscuit dough, prepared: from purchased flour5
20450202Doughs, frozen or refrigerated: from purchased flour12
20450203Pancake batter, frozen or refrigerated: from purchased flour2
20450204Pizza doughs, prepared: from purchased flour12
2046Wet Corn Milling201
204600Wet corn milling69
20460000Wet corn milling69
204601Corn and other vegetable starches74
20460100Corn and other vegetable starches8
20460101Corn starch5
20460102Edible starch3
20460103Industrial starch7
20460106Potato starch7
20460107Rice starch0
20460108Root starch, edible2
20460109Starch, nsk3
20460111Wheat gluten6
20460112Wheat starch1
204602Corn oil products17
20460200Corn oil products4
20460202Corn oil, crude10
20460203Corn oil, meal0
20460204Corn oil, refined3
20460206Salad oil, corn0
20460207Shortenings, corn oil based0
204603Corn sugars and syrups18
20460300Corn sugars and syrups3
20460301Corn sugar1
20460302Corn syrup, dried or unmixed6
20460307High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)0
204604Corn milling by-products23
20460400Corn milling by-products8
20460401Gluten feed3
20460402Gluten meal6
2047Dog and Cat Food414
204700Dog and cat food231
20470000Dog and cat food231
204799Dog and cat food, nec183
20479901Cat food21
20479902Dog food162
2048Prepared Feeds, Nec1,626
204800Prepared feeds, nec594
20480000Prepared feeds, nec594
204801Cereal-, grain-, and seed-based feeds281
20480100Cereal-, grain-, and seed-based feeds39
20480101Alfalfa or alfalfa meal, prepared as animal feed32
20480102Alfalfa, cubed4
20480103Bird food, prepared72
20480104Chicken feeds, prepared20
20480105Citrus seed meal, prepared as animal feed0
20480106Crimped oats, prepared as animal feed1
20480107Hay, cubed10
20480108Poultry feeds67
20480109Pulverized oats, prepared as animal feed6
20480110Rolled oats, prepared as animal feed1
20480111Stock feeds, dry29
204802Feeds from meat and from meat and vegetable meals42
20480200Feeds from meat and from meat and vegetable meals13
20480201Bone meal, prepared as animal feed4
20480202Feather meal, prepared as animal feed0
20480203Horse meat, canned: prepared as animal feed0
20480206Kelp meal and pellets, prepared as animal feed17
20480207Meat meal and tankage, prepared as animal feed7
204899Prepared feeds, nec, nec709
20489901Buttermilk emulsion for animal food7
20489902Canned pet food (except dog and cat)25
20489903Dry pet food (except dog and cat)34
20489904Earthworm food and bedding2
20489905Feed concentrates29
20489906Feed premixes49
20489907Feed supplements154
20489908Feeds, specialty: mice, guinea pig, etc.11
20489909Fish food96
20489910Frozen pet food (except dog and cat)11
20489911Livestock feeds232
20489912Mineral feed supplements54
20489913Oyster shells, ground: prepared as animal feed3
20489914Shell crushing, for feed0
20489915Slaughtering of nonfood animals2
2051Bread, Cake, and Related Products4,618
205100Bread, cake, and related products2,098
20510000Bread, cake, and related products2,098
205101Breads, rolls, and buns422
20510100Breads, rolls, and buns95
20510101Bagels, fresh or frozen68
20510102Biscuits, baked; baking powder and raised35
20510103Bread, all types (white, wheat, rye, etc); fresh or frozen189
20510104Bread, brown; Boston and other (canned)1
20510105Buns, bread type: fresh or frozen22
20510106Rolls, bread type: fresh or frozen12
205102Cakes, pies, and pastries1,081
20510200Cakes, pies, and pastries179
20510201Buns, sweet: except frozen2
20510202Cakes, bakery: except frozen476
20510203Charlotte Russe, bakery product: except frozen1
20510204Croissants, except frozen0
20510205Cruellers, except frozen0
20510206Doughnuts, except frozen333
20510207Knishes, except frozen0
20510208Pastries, e.g. danish: except frozen28
20510209Pies, bakery: except frozen45
20510210Rolls, sweet: except frozen1
20510211Sponge goods, bakery: except frozen15
20510212Yeast goods, sweet: except frozen1
205199Bread, cake, and related products, nec1,017
20519901Bakery products, partially cooked (except frozen)54
20519902Bakery, for home service delivery46
20519903Bakery: wholesale or wholesale/retail combined917
2052Cookies and Crackers843
205200Cookies and crackers175
20520000Cookies and crackers175
205299Cookies and crackers, nec668
20529901Bakery products, dry137
20529902Biscuits, dry11
20529903Communion wafers2
20529904Cones, ice cream56
20529906Cracker meal and crumbs2
20529907Crackers, dry, nec16
20529908Graham crackers4
20529912Rice cakes12
20529913Rusk, machine made2
20529914Saltine crackers0
20529915Soda crackers0
20529916Sugar wafers2
2053Frozen Bakery Products, Except Bread299
205300Frozen bakery products, except bread117
20530000Frozen bakery products, except bread117
205399Frozen bakery products, except bread, nec182
20539901Buns, sweet: frozen2
20539902Cakes, bakery: frozen131
20539903Croissants, frozen4
20539904Doughnuts, frozen5
20539906Pastries, e.g. danish: frozen9
20539907Pies, bakery; frozen27
20539908Rolls, sweet: frozen1
20539909Sponge goods, bakery: frozen0
2061Raw Cane Sugar58
206100Raw cane sugar25
20610000Raw cane sugar25
206101Dry cane sugar products, except refining21
20610100Dry cane sugar products, except refining2
20610102Granulated cane sugar3
20610104Powdered cane sugar1
20610105Raw cane sugar15
206102Liquid cane sugar products, except refining12
20610200Liquid cane sugar products, except refining2
20610201Blackstrap molasses, made from sugar cane5
20610202Cane syrup, made from sugar cane5
2062Cane Sugar Refining48
206200Cane sugar refining36
20620000Cane sugar refining36
206299Cane sugar refining, nec12
20629901Blackstrap molasses, from purchased raw sugar or syrup1
20629902Cane syrup, from purchased raw sugar3
20629903Granulated cane sugar, from purchased raw sugar or syrup4
20629905Powdered cane sugar, from purchased raw sugar or syrup0
20629906Refined cane sugar, from purchased raw sugar or syrup4
2063Beet Sugar47
206300Beet sugar24
20630000Beet sugar24
206301Dry beet sugar products, except refining19
20630100Dry beet sugar products, except refining1
20630101Beet pulp, dried: from beet sugar refinery0
20630102Beet sugar, from beet sugar refinery15
20630103Granulated sugar, from sugar beets3
20630104Invert sugar, from sugar beets0
20630105Powdered sugar, from sugar beets0
20630106Sugar syrup, from sugar beets0
206302Liquid beet sugar products, except refining4
20630200Liquid beet sugar products, except refining0
20630201Liquid sugar, from sugar beets2
20630202Molasses, from sugar beets2
2064Candy and Other Confectionery Products1,372
206400Candy and other confectionery products855
20640000Candy and other confectionery products855
206401Fruit and fruit peel confections34
20640100Fruit and fruit peel confections11
20640101Chocolate covered dates6
20640102Fruit peel candied, crystallized, glace or glazed1
20640103Fruit, chocolate covered (except dates)7
20640104Fruits candied, crystallized, or glazed8
20640105Stuffed dates0
20640106Sugared dates1
206499Candy and other confectionery products, nec483
20649901Breakfast bars38
20649902Cake ornaments, confectionery13
20649903Candy bars, including chocolate covered bars144
20649904Chewing candy, not chewing gum12
20649905Chocolate candy, except solid chocolate82
20649906Cough drops, except pharmaceutical preparations3
20649907Fudge (candy)34
20649908Granola and muesli, bars and clusters27
20649909Halvah (candy)0
20649911Licorice candy8
20649912Lollipops and other hard candy32
20649913Lozenges, candy (non-medicated)3
20649915Marzipan (candy)0
20649916Nuts, candy covered19
20649917Nuts, glace3
20649918Popcorn balls or other treated popcorn products57
2066Chocolate and Cocoa Products689
206600Chocolate and cocoa products279
20660000Chocolate and cocoa products279
206601Cacao bean processing8
20660100Cacao bean processing5
20660101Chocolate liquor1
206602Cocoa and cocoa products16
20660200Cocoa and cocoa products7
20660201Cocoa butter3
20660202Instant cocoa1
20660203Powdered cocoa5
20660301Baking chocolate14
20660302Chocolate bars, solid17
20660303Chocolate candy, solid91
20660304Chocolate coatings and syrup3
2067Chewing Gum34
206700Chewing gum32
20670000Chewing gum32
206799Chewing gum, nec2
20679901Chewing gum base2
2068Salted and Roasted Nuts and Seeds143
206800Salted and roasted nuts and seeds66
20680000Salted and roasted nuts and seeds66
206899Salted and roasted nuts and seeds, nec77
20689901Nuts: dried, dehydrated, salted or roasted65
20689902Seeds: dried, dehydrated, salted or roasted12
2074Cottonseed Oil Mills25
207400Cottonseed oil mills17
20740000Cottonseed oil mills17
207499Cottonseed oil mills, nec8
20749901Cottonseed oil, cake or meal6
20749902Cottonseed oil, deodorized1
2075Soybean Oil Mills128
207500Soybean oil mills70
20750000Soybean oil mills70
207599Soybean oil mills, nec58
20759901Lecithin, soybean15
20759902Soybean flour and grits2
20759903Soybean oil, cake or meal24
20759904Soybean oil, deodorized1
20759905Soybean powder1
20759906Soybean protein concentrates and isolates15
2076Vegetable Oil Mills, Nec61
207600Vegetable oil mills, nec36
20760000Vegetable oil mills, nec36
207699Vegetable oil mills, nec, nec25
20769901Castor oil and pomace3
20769902Coconut oil10
20769905Palm kernel oil4
20769906Peanut oil, cake or meal4
20769907Safflower oil1
20769908Tallow, vegetable1
20769909Tung oil0
20769910Walnut oil1
2077Animal and Marine Fats and Oils260
207700Animal and marine fats and oils75
20770000Animal and marine fats and oils75
207701Animal fats, oils, and meals18
20770100Animal fats, oils, and meals14
20770101Bone meal, except as animal feed1
20770102Feather meal, except as animal feed0
20770103Meat meal and tankage, except as animal feed3
207702Marine fats, oils, and meals20
20770200Marine fats, oils, and meals3
20770201Fish liver oils, crude0
20770202Fish meal, except as animal feed6
20770203Fish oil10
20770205Menhaden oil1
20770207Whale oil, refined0
20770301Grease rendering, inedible39
20770302Stearin, animal: inedible2
20770303Tallow rendering, inedible61
2079Edible Fats and Oils444
207900Edible fats and oils60
20790000Edible fats and oils60
207901Margarine and margarine oils10
20790100Margarine and margarine oils1
20790101Margarine oil, except corn0
20790102Margarine-butter blends3
20790103Margarine, including imitation4
20790104Nut margarine2
207902Shortening and other solid edible fats5
20790200Shortening and other solid edible fats0
20790201Compound shortenings1
20790203Vegetable shortenings (except corn oil)4
207999Edible fats and oils, nec369
20799901Cooking oils, except corn: vegetable refined22
20799902Cottonseed oil, refined: not made in cottonseed oil mills1
20799903Edible oil products, except corn oil19
20799904Oil, hydrogenated: edible4
20799905Oil, partially hydrogenated: edible2
20799906Olive oil297
20799907Peanut oil, refined: not made in peanut oil mills1
20799908Salad oils, except corn: vegetable refined2
20799909Soybean oil, refined: not made in soybean oil mills6
20799910Vegetable refined oils (except corn oil)15
2082Malt Beverages2,000
208200Malt beverages1,017
20820000Malt beverages1,017
208201Malt beverage products94
20820100Malt beverage products29
20820101Brewers' grain61
20820102Extract, malt1
20820103Syrups, malt3
208299Malt beverages, nec889
20829901Ale (alcoholic beverage)95
20829902Beer (alcoholic beverage)678
20829903Liquors, malt50
20829904Near beer64
20829905Porter (alcoholic beverage)0
20829906Stout (alcoholic beverage)2
208399Malt, nec14
20839901Barley malt8
20839902Corn malt1
20839903Malt byproducts3
20839905Sprouts, made in malthouses2
2084Wines, Brandy, and Brandy Spirits4,446
208400Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits1,422
20840000Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits1,422
20840101Wine coolers (beverages)25
208402Brandy and brandy spirits72
20840200Brandy and brandy spirits41
20840202Brandy spirits10
20840204Neutral spirits, fruit10
208499Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits, nec234
20849901Wine cellars, bonded: engaged in blending wines234
2085Distilled and Blended Liquors579
208500Distilled and blended liquors316
20850000Distilled and blended liquors316
208501Distiller's dried grains and solubles, and alcohol94
20850100Distiller's dried grains and solubles, and alcohol62
20850101Ethyl alcohol for beverage purposes9
20850102Ethyl alcohol for medicinal purposes0
20850103Grain alcohol for beverage purposes12
20850104Grain alcohol for medicinal purposes0
20850105Neutral spirits, except fruit11
208502Cordials and premixed alcoholic cocktails46
20850200Cordials and premixed alcoholic cocktails13
20850201Cocktails, alcoholic27
20850202Cordials, alcoholic4
208599Distilled and blended liquors, nec123
20859901Applejack (alcoholic beverage)5
20859902Bourbon whiskey25
20859903Corn whiskey4
20859904Gin (alcoholic beverage)8
20859905Rum (alcoholic beverage)29
20859906Rye whiskey2
20859907Scotch whiskey6
20859908Vodka (alcoholic beverage)44
2086Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks2,909
208600Bottled and canned soft drinks1,189
20860000Bottled and canned soft drinks1,189
208601Iced tea and fruit drinks, bottled and canned129
20860100Iced tea and fruit drinks, bottled and canned51
20860101Fruit drinks (less than 100% juice): packaged in cans, etc.51
20860102Lemonade: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.10
20860103Tea, iced: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.17
208602Pasteurized and mineral waters, bottled and canned547
20860200Pasteurized and mineral waters, bottled and canned236
20860201Mineral water, carbonated: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.82
20860202Water, natural: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.229
208603Carbonated soft drinks, bottled and canned1,044
20860300Carbonated soft drinks, bottled and canned363
20860301Carbonated beverages, nonalcoholic: pkged. in cans, bottles241
20860302Soft drinks: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.440
2087Flavoring Extracts and Syrups, Nec632
208700Flavoring extracts and syrups, nec196
20870000Flavoring extracts and syrups, nec196
208701Food colorings25
20870100Food colorings17
20870101Colorings, bakers'4
20870102Colorings, confectioners'4
208702Beverage bases, concentrates, syrups, powders and mixes264
20870200Beverage bases, concentrates, syrups, powders and mixes74
20870201Beverage bases62
20870202Cocktail mixes, nonalcoholic35
20870203Concentrates, drink39
20870205Fruit juices: concentrated for fountain use5
20870206Fruits, crushed: for fountain use1
20870207Powders, drink23
20870208Syrups, drink24
208799Flavoring extracts and syrups, nec, nec147
20879901Bitters (flavoring concentrates)5
20879902Concentrates, flavoring (except drink)11
20879903Extracts, flavoring105
20879905Pastes, flavoring2
20879906Powders, flavoring (except drink)5
20879907Syrups, flavoring (except drink)19
2091Canned and Cured Fish and Seafoods244
209100Canned and cured fish and seafoods81
20910000Canned and cured fish and seafoods81
209101Fish and seafood soups, stews, chowders, canned or packaged5
20910100Fish and seafood soups, stews, chowders, canned or packaged3
20910103Broth, fish and seafood: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20910104Chowder, clam: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20910105Chowder, fish and seafood: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20910107Stews, fish and seafood: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
209102Shellfish, canned and cured32
20910200Shellfish, canned and cured4
20910201Clams, preserved or cured1
20910202Clams: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20910203Crabmeat, preserved and cured4
20910204Crabmeat: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20910205Crustacea: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20910208Oysters, preserved and cured5
20910209Oysters: packaged in cans, jars, etc.12
20910211Shellfish: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20910212Shrimp, preserved and cured3
20910213Shrimp: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
209103Fish, canned and cured78
20910300Fish, canned and cured12
20910301Codfish, cured, nsk0
20910304Codfish, salted0
20910308Fish and seafood cakes: packaged in cans, jars, etc.5
20910309Fish eggs: packaged for use as bait3
20910310Fish, cured, nsk1
20910311Fish, dried1
20910313Fish, pickled0
20910314Fish, salted2
20910315Fish, smoked14
20910316Fish: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20910317Herring, cured, nsk1
20910319Herring, pickled1
20910322Herring: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20910328Mackerel: packaged in cans, jars, etc.0
20910329Salmon, cured, nsk2
20910331Salmon, pickled0
20910332Salmon, salted0
20910333Salmon, smoked13
20910334Salmon: packaged in cans, jars, etc.10
20910335Sardines: packaged in cans, jars, etc.2
20910336Tuna fish, preserved and cured2
20910337Tuna fish: packaged in cans, jars, etc.8
209199Canned and cured fish and seafoods, nec48
20919901Caviar, preserved12
20919902Caviar: packaged in cans, jars, etc.4
20919903Juice, clam: packaged in cans, jars, etc.1
20919904Seafood products: packaged in cans, jars, etc.31
2092Fresh or Frozen Packaged Fish470
209200Fresh or frozen packaged fish192
20920000Fresh or frozen packaged fish192
209201Fresh or frozen fish or seafood chowders, soups, and stews31
20920100Fresh or frozen fish or seafood chowders, soups, and stews24
20920101Chowders, fish and seafood: frozen3
20920102Soups, fish and seafood: frozen3
20920103Stews, fish and seafood: frozen1
209202Prepared fish or other seafood cakes and sticks17
20920200Prepared fish or other seafood cakes and sticks4
20920201Crabcakes, frozen6
20920202Fish sticks5
20920203Fishcakes, frozen1
20920204Seafood cakes, frozen0
20920205Shrimpcakes, frozen1
209299Fresh or frozen packaged fish, nec230
20929901Crab meat, fresh: packaged in nonsealed containers21
20929902Crabmeat, frozen6
20929903Fish fillets4
20929904Fish, fresh: prepared22
20929905Fish, frozen: prepared14
20929906Seafoods, fresh: prepared76
20929907Seafoods, frozen: prepared45
20929908Shellfish, fresh: shucked and packed in nonsealed containers14
20929909Shellfish, frozen: prepared7
20929910Shrimp, fresh: prepared17
20929911Shrimp, frozen: prepared4
2095Roasted Coffee814
209500Roasted coffee481
20950000Roasted coffee481
209599Roasted coffee, nec333
20959901Coffee extracts25
20959902Coffee roasting (except by wholesale grocers)264
20959903Coffee, ground: mixed with grain or chicory14
20959904Freeze-dried coffee5
20959905Instant coffee25
2096Potato Chips and Similar Snacks507
209600Potato chips and similar snacks271
20960000Potato chips and similar snacks271
209601Potato chips and other potato-based snacks76
20960100Potato chips and other potato-based snacks72
20960101Potato sticks4
209602Corn chips and other corn-based snacks135
20960200Corn chips and other corn-based snacks28
20960201Popcorn, already popped (except candy covered)33
20960202Tortilla chips74
209699Potato chips and similar snacks, nec25
20969901Cheese curls and puffs5
20969902Onion fries0
20969903Pork rinds19
20969904Rice chips1
2097Manufactured Ice506
209700Manufactured ice378
20970000Manufactured ice378
209799Manufactured ice, nec128
20979901Block ice55
20979902Ice cubes73
2098Macaroni and Spaghetti455
209800Macaroni and spaghetti60
20980000Macaroni and spaghetti60
209899Macaroni and spaghetti, nec395
20989901Macaroni products (e.g. alphabets, rings, and shells), dry18
20989902Noodles (e.g. egg, plain, and water), dry375
20989903Spaghetti, dry2
20989904Vermicelli, dry0
2099Food Preparations, Nec4,715
209900Food preparations, nec1,871
20990000Food preparations, nec1,871
20990101Maple syrup230
20990102Molasses, mixed or blended: from purchased ingredients9
20990103Pancake syrup, blended and mixed1
20990104Sorghum syrups, for sweetening6
209902Baking powder and soda, yeast, and other leavening agents39
20990200Baking powder and soda, yeast, and other leavening agents12
20990201Baking powder4
20990202Baking soda2
20990203Leavening compounds, prepared0
209903Dessert mixes and fillings91
20990300Dessert mixes and fillings29
20990301Cake fillings, except fruit3
20990302Desserts, ready-to-mix27
20990303Frosting mixes, dry: for cakes, cookies, etc.22
20990304Frosting, ready-to-use1
20990305Gelatin dessert preparations6
20990306Marshmallow creme1
20990307Pie fillings, except fruit, meat, and vegetable2
209904Seasonings and spices371
20990400Seasonings and spices210
20990402Chili pepper or powder18
20990403Seasonings: dry mixes54
20990404Spices, including grinding89
209905Sauce, gravy, dressing, and dip mixes122
20990500Sauce, gravy, dressing, and dip mixes79
20990501Dips, except cheese and sour cream based12
20990502Dressings, salad: dry mixes10
20990503Gravy mixes, dry2
20990504Sauces: dry mixes19
20990601Sugar grinding3
20990602Sugar powdered, from purchased ingredients3
20990603Sugar, industrial maple24
209907Ready-to-eat meals, salads, and sandwiches364
20990700Ready-to-eat meals, salads, and sandwiches142
20990701Box lunches, for sale off premises19
20990702Cole slaw, in bulk5
20990703Cracker sandwiches, made from purchased crackers0
20990704Pizza, refrigerated: except frozen20
20990705Salads, fresh or refrigerated114
20990706Sandwiches, assembled and packaged: for wholesale market64
209908Pasta, rice, and potato, packaged combination products156
20990800Pasta, rice, and potato, packaged combination products40
20990801Noodles, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients18
20990802Pasta, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients77
20990803Potatoes, dried: packaged with other ingredients10
20990804Rice, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients11
209999Food preparations, nec, nec1,363
20999901Almond pastes20
20999902Bouillon cubes2
20999903Bread crumbs, except made in bakeries15
20999904Butter, renovated and processed5
20999905Carob processing0
20999906Cider, nonalcoholic55
20999907Coconut, desiccated and shredded15
20999908Emulsifiers, food47
20999909Honey, strained and bottled85
20999910Jelly, corncob (gelatin)13
20999911Noodles, fried (Chinese)32
20999912Peanut butter85
20999914Popcorn, packaged: except already popped40
20999915Potatoes, peeled for the trade5
20999917Tea blending77
20999918Tofu, except frozen desserts29
20999919Tortillas, fresh or refrigerated672
20999920Vegetables, peeled for the trade20
20999922Fat substitutes2