Industry: 2013—Sausages and Other Prepared Meat Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sausages, cured meats, smoked meats, canned meats, frozen meats, and other prepared meats and meat specialties, from purchased carcasses and other materials. Prepared meat plants operated by packing houses as separate establishments are also included in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in canning or otherwise processing poultry, rabbits, and other small game are classified in Industry 2015. Establishments primarily engaged in canning meat for baby food are classified in Industry 2032. Establishments primarily engaged in the cutting up and resale of purchased fresh carcasses, for the trade, (including boxed beef) are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5147.

Bacon, slab and sliced—mfpmMeat products: cooked, cured, frozen, smoked, and spiced—mfpm
Bologna—mfpmPigs' feet, cooked and pickled—mfpm
Calf's-foot jellyPork: pickled, cured, salted, or smoked—mfpm
Canned meats, except baby foods and animal feeds—mfpmPotted meats—mfpm
Corned beef—mfpmPuddings, meat—mfpm
Corned meats—mfpmSandwich spreads, meat—mfpm
Cured meats: brined, dried, and salted—mfpmSausage casings, collagen
Dried meats—mfpmSausages—mfpm
Frankfurters, except poultry—mfpmScrapple—mfpm
Hams, except poultry—mfpmSmoked meats—mfpm
Headcheese—mfpmSpreads, sandwich: meat—mfpm
Lard—mfpmStew, beef and lambƒmfpm
Luncheon meat, except poultry—mfpmTripe—mfpm
Meat extracts—mfpmVienna sausage—mfpm
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2013Sausages and Other Prepared Meats1,252
201300Sausages and other prepared meats441
20130000Sausages and other prepared meats441
201301Prepared beef products, from purchased beef136
20130100Prepared beef products, from purchased beef70
20130101Beef stew, from purchased meat7
20130102Beef, dried: from purchased meat43
20130103Calf's foot jelly, from purchased meat4
20130104Corned beef, from purchased meat4
20130105Pastrami, from purchased meat1
20130106Roast beef, from purchased meat7
201302Prepared pork products, from purchased pork128
20130200Prepared pork products, from purchased pork62
20130201Bacon, side and sliced: from purchased meat17
20130202Ham, boiled: from purchased meat3
20130203Ham, boneless: from purchased meat3
20130204Ham, canned: from purchased meat1
20130205Ham, roasted: from purchased meat2
20130206Ham, smoked: from purchased meat12
20130207Pigs' feet, cooked and pickled: from purchased meat7
20130208Pork, cured: from purchased meat15
20130209Pork, pickled: from purchased meat2
20130210Pork, salted: from purchased meat1
20130211Pork, smoked: from purchased meat3
201303Sausages and related products, from purchased meat297
20130300Sausages and related products, from purchased meat48
20130301Bologna, from purchased meat2
20130302Frankfurters, from purchased meat4
20130303Sausage casings, natural16
20130304Sausages, from purchased meat225
20130305Vienna sausage, from purchased meat2
201399Sausages and other prepared meats, nec250
20139901Boneless meat, from purchased meat12
20139902Canned meats (except baby food), from purchased meat16
20139903Cooked meats, from purchased meat16
20139904Corned meats, from purchased meat1
20139905Cured meats, from purchased meat12
20139906Frozen meats, from purchased meat45
20139907Head cheese, from purchased meat products3
20139908Lamb stew, from purchased meat1
20139909Lard, from purchased meat products1
20139910Luncheon meat, from purchased meat4
20139911Meat extracts, from purchased meat4
20139913Puddings, meat, from purchased meat1
20139914Scrapple, from purchased meat1
20139915Smoked meats, from purchased meat49
20139916Snack sticks, including jerky: from purchased meat76
20139917Spiced meats, from purchased meat1
20139918Spreads, sandwich: meat, from purchased meat7