SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2046—Wet Corn Milling
Establishments primarily engaged in milling corn or sorghum grain (milo) by the wet process, and producing starch, syrup, oil, sugar, and by-products, such as gluten feed and meal. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing starch from other vegetable sources (e.g., potatoes, wheat). Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing table syrups from corn syrup and other ingredients, and those manufacturing starch base dessert powders, are classified in Industry 2099.

Corn oil cake and mealOil, corn: crude and refined
Corn starchPotato starch
Corn syrup (including dried), unmixedRice starch
DextrineStarch, instant
DextroseStarch, liquid
Feed, glutenStarches, edible and industrial
FructoseSteepwater concentrate
GlucoseSugar, corn
High fructose syrupTapioca
HydrolWheat gluten
Meal, glutenWheat starch
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2046Wet Corn Milling214
204600Wet corn milling60
20460000Wet corn milling60
204601Corn and other vegetable starches88
20460100Corn and other vegetable starches13
20460101Corn starch8
20460102Edible starch2
20460103Industrial starch6
20460106Potato starch7
20460107Rice starch0
20460108Root starch, edible2
20460109Starch, nsk3
20460111Wheat gluten9
20460112Wheat starch0
204602Corn oil products19
20460200Corn oil products4
20460202Corn oil, crude9
20460203Corn oil, meal0
20460204Corn oil, refined4
20460206Salad oil, corn2
20460207Shortenings, corn oil based0
204603Corn sugars and syrups26
20460300Corn sugars and syrups4
20460301Corn sugar1
20460302Corn syrup, dried or unmixed6
20460307High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)3
204604Corn milling by-products21
20460400Corn milling by-products11
20460401Gluten feed3
20460402Gluten meal5