Industry: 2099—Food Preparations, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing prepared foods and miscellaneous food specialties, not elsewhere classified, such as baking powder, yeast, and other leavening compounds; peanut butter; packaged tea, including instant; ground spices; and vinegar and cider. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dry preparations, except flour mixes, consisting of pasta, rice, potatoes, textured vegetable protein, and similar products which are packaged with other ingredients to be prepared and cooked by the consumer. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing flour mixes are classified in Industry Group 204.

Almond pastesNoodles, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients
Baking powderPancake syrup, blended and mixed
Bouillon cubesPasta, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients
Box lunches for sale off premisesPeanut butter
Bread crumbs, not made in bakeriesPectin
Butter, renovated and processedPepper
Cake frosting mixes, dryPizza, refrigerated: not frozen
Chicory root, driedPopcorn, packaged: except popped
Chili pepper or powderPotatoes, dried: packaged with other ingredients
Chinese noodlesPotatoes, peeled for the trade
Cider, nonalcoholicRice, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients
Coconut, desiccated and shreddedSalad dressing mixes, dry
Cole slaw in bulkSalads, fresh or refrigerated
Cracker sandwiches made from purchased crackersSandwiches, assembled and packaged: for wholesale market
Desserts, ready-to-mixSauce mixes, dry
Dips, except cheese and sour cream basedSorghum, including custom refining
Emulsifiers, foodSpices, including grinding
Fillings, cake or pie: except fruits, vegetables, and meatSugar grinding
Frosting, preparedSugar, industrial maple: made in plants producing maple syrup
Gelatin dessert preparationsSugar, powdered—mfpm
Gravy mixes, drySyrups, sweetening: honey, maple syrup, sorghum
Honey, strained and bottledTea blending
Jelly, corncob (gelatin)Tofu, except frozen desserts
Leavening compounds, preparedTortillas, fresh or refrigerated
Marshmallow cremeVegetables peeled for the trade
Meat seasonings, except saucesVinegar
Molasses, mixed or blended—mfpmYeast
Noodles, fried (e.g., Chinese)
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2099Food Preparations, Nec4,781
209900Food preparations, nec1,851
20990000Food preparations, nec1,851
20990101Maple syrup252
20990102Molasses, mixed or blended: from purchased ingredients8
20990103Pancake syrup, blended and mixed2
20990104Sorghum syrups, for sweetening6
209902Baking powder and soda, yeast, and other leavening agents40
20990200Baking powder and soda, yeast, and other leavening agents12
20990201Baking powder4
20990202Baking soda2
20990203Leavening compounds, prepared0
209903Dessert mixes and fillings94
20990300Dessert mixes and fillings33
20990301Cake fillings, except fruit3
20990302Desserts, ready-to-mix28
20990303Frosting mixes, dry: for cakes, cookies, etc.18
20990304Frosting, ready-to-use2
20990305Gelatin dessert preparations7
20990306Marshmallow creme1
20990307Pie fillings, except fruit, meat, and vegetable2
209904Seasonings and spices402
20990400Seasonings and spices234
20990402Chili pepper or powder17
20990403Seasonings: dry mixes54
20990404Spices, including grinding96
209905Sauce, gravy, dressing, and dip mixes134
20990500Sauce, gravy, dressing, and dip mixes89
20990501Dips, except cheese and sour cream based15
20990502Dressings, salad: dry mixes10
20990503Gravy mixes, dry2
20990504Sauces: dry mixes18
20990601Sugar grinding3
20990602Sugar powdered, from purchased ingredients3
20990603Sugar, industrial maple26
209907Ready-to-eat meals, salads, and sandwiches367
20990700Ready-to-eat meals, salads, and sandwiches140
20990701Box lunches, for sale off premises18
20990702Cole slaw, in bulk5
20990703Cracker sandwiches, made from purchased crackers0
20990704Pizza, refrigerated: except frozen21
20990705Salads, fresh or refrigerated117
20990706Sandwiches, assembled and packaged: for wholesale market66
209908Pasta, rice, and potato, packaged combination products148
20990800Pasta, rice, and potato, packaged combination products36
20990801Noodles, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients19
20990802Pasta, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients75
20990803Potatoes, dried: packaged with other ingredients7
20990804Rice, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients11
209999Food preparations, nec, nec1,391
20999901Almond pastes19
20999902Bouillon cubes2
20999903Bread crumbs, except made in bakeries17
20999904Butter, renovated and processed5
20999905Carob processing0
20999906Cider, nonalcoholic63
20999907Coconut, desiccated and shredded17
20999908Emulsifiers, food49
20999909Honey, strained and bottled93
20999910Jelly, corncob (gelatin)12
20999911Noodles, fried (Chinese)33
20999912Peanut butter89
20999914Popcorn, packaged: except already popped40
20999915Potatoes, peeled for the trade5
20999917Tea blending87
20999918Tofu, except frozen desserts31
20999919Tortillas, fresh or refrigerated650
20999920Vegetables, peeled for the trade24
20999922Fat substitutes2