Industry: 2087—Flavoring Extracts and Flavoring Syrups, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing flavoring extracts, syrups, powders, and related products, not elsewhere classified, for soda fountain use or for the manufacture of soft drinks, and colors for bakers'and confectioners'use. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing chocolate syrup are classified in Industry 2066.

Beverage basesDrink powders and concentrates
Bitters (flavoring concentrates)Flavoring concentrates
Burnt sugar (food color)Flavoring extracts, pastes, powders, and syrups
Cocktail mixes, nonalcoholicFood colorings, except synthetic
Coffee flavorings and syrupsFood glace, for glazing foods
Colors for bakers' and confectioners' use, except syntheticFruit juices, concentrated: for fountain use
Cordials, nonalcoholicFruits, crushed: for soda fountain use
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2087Flavoring Extracts and Syrups, Nec663
208700Flavoring extracts and syrups, nec183
20870000Flavoring extracts and syrups, nec183
208701Food colorings24
20870100Food colorings17
20870101Colorings, bakers'3
20870102Colorings, confectioners'4
208702Beverage bases, concentrates, syrups, powders and mixes263
20870200Beverage bases, concentrates, syrups, powders and mixes74
20870201Beverage bases60
20870202Cocktail mixes, nonalcoholic34
20870203Concentrates, drink42
20870205Fruit juices: concentrated for fountain use3
20870206Fruits, crushed: for fountain use1
20870207Powders, drink21
20870208Syrups, drink28
208799Flavoring extracts and syrups, nec, nec193
20879901Bitters (flavoring concentrates)5
20879902Concentrates, flavoring (except drink)16
20879903Extracts, flavoring140
20879905Pastes, flavoring4
20879906Powders, flavoring (except drink)10
20879907Syrups, flavoring (except drink)17