SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2041—Flour and Other Grain Mill Products
Establishments primarily engaged in milling flour or meal from grain, except rice. The products of flour mills may be sold plain or in the form of prepared mixes or doughs for specific purposes. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing prepared flour mixes or doughs from purchased ingredients are classified in Industry 2045, and those milling rice are classified in Industry 2044.

Bran and middlings, except riceFrozen doughs—mitse
Bread and bread-type roll mixes—mitseGraham flour
Buckwheat flourGranular wheat flour
Cake flour—mitseGrits and flakes, corn: for brewers' use
Cereals, cracked grain—mitseHominy grits, except breakfast food
Corn grits and flakes for brewers' useMeal, corn
Dough, biscuit—mitseMilling of grains, dry, except rice
Doughs, refrigerated or frozen—mitseMixes, flour: e.g., pancake, cake, biscuit, doughnut—mitse
Durum flourPancake batter, refrigerated or frozen—mitse
Farina, except breakfast food—mitsePizza mixes and prepared dough—mitse
Flour mills, cereals: except riceSemolina (flour)
Flour mixes—mitseSorghum grain flour
Flour: blended, prepared, or self-rising—mitseWheat germ
Flour: buckwheat, corn, graham, rye, and wheatWheat mill feed
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2041Flour and Other Grain Mill Products657
204100Flour and other grain mill products345
20410000Flour and other grain mill products345
20410101Buckwheat flour1
20410102Cake flour2
20410103Corn flour14
20410104Durum flour2
20410105Flour: blended, prepared, or self-rising16
20410107Granular wheat flour2
20410108Millet flour0
20410109Oat flour4
20410111Semolina flour1
20410112Sorghum grain flour1
20410113Wheat flour16
204102Doughs and batters57
20410200Doughs and batters14
20410201Biscuit dough4
20410202Doughs, frozen or refrigerated12
20410203Pancake batter, frozen or refrigerated2
20410204Pizza dough, prepared25
204103Flour mixes30
20410300Flour mixes8
20410301Bread and bread-type roll mixes15
20410302Pizza mixes7
204199Flour and other grain mill products, nec119
20419901Bran and middlings (except rice)0
20419902Corn grits and flakes, for brewers' use11
20419903Corn meal14
20419904Farina (except breakfast food)1
20419905Flour mills, cereal (except rice)36
20419906Grain cereals, cracked4
20419907Grain mills (except rice)47
20419908Hominy grits (except breakfast food)0
20419909Wheat germ1
20419910Wheat mill feed5