Industry: 2044—Rice Milling
Establishments primarily engaged in cleaning and polishing rice, and in manufacturing rice flour or meal. Other important products of this industry include brown rice, milled rice (including polished rice), rice polish, and rice bran.

Flour, riceRice brown
Milling of riceRice cleaning and polishing
Polishing of riceRice polish
Rice bran, flour, and mealRice, vitamin and mineral enriched
Rice brewers'
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2044Rice Milling130
204400Rice milling91
20440000Rice milling91
204499Rice milling, nec39
20449901Bran, rice6
20449902Brewers' rice2
20449903Brown rice5
20449904Enriched rice (vitamin and mineral fortified)7
20449905Flour, rice4
20449907Meal, rice0
20449908Milled rice11
20449909Polished rice4