Industry: 2064—Candy and Other Confectionery Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing candy, including chocolate candy, other confections, and related products. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing solid chocolate bars from cacao beans are classified in Industry 2066, those manufacturing chewing gum are classified in Industry 2067, and those primarily engaged in roasting and salting nuts are classified in Industry 2068. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing confectionery for direct sale on the premises to household consumers are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5441.

Bars, candy: including chocolate covered barsFruits: candied, glazed, and crystallized
Breakfast barsFudge (candy)
Cake ornaments, confectioneryGranola bars and clusters
Candy, except solid chocolateHalvah (candy)
Chewing candy, except chewing gumLicorice candy
Chocolate bars, from purchased cocoa or chocolateLozenges, candy: non-medicated
Chocolate candy, except solid chocolateMarshmallows
ConfectioneryMarzipan (candy)
Cough drops, except pharmaceutical preparationsNuts, candy covered
Dates: chocolate covered, sugared, and stuffedNuts, glace
Fruit peel products: candied, glazed, glace, and crystallizedPopcorn balls and candy covered popcorn products
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2064Candy and Other Confectionery Products1,404
206400Candy and other confectionery products876
20640000Candy and other confectionery products876
206401Fruit and fruit peel confections37
20640100Fruit and fruit peel confections12
20640101Chocolate covered dates5
20640102Fruit peel candied, crystallized, glace or glazed1
20640103Fruit, chocolate covered (except dates)8
20640104Fruits candied, crystallized, or glazed10
20640105Stuffed dates0
20640106Sugared dates1
206499Candy and other confectionery products, nec491
20649901Breakfast bars42
20649902Cake ornaments, confectionery13
20649903Candy bars, including chocolate covered bars139
20649904Chewing candy, not chewing gum11
20649905Chocolate candy, except solid chocolate83
20649906Cough drops, except pharmaceutical preparations4
20649907Fudge (candy)35
20649908Granola and muesli, bars and clusters31
20649909Halvah (candy)0
20649911Licorice candy8
20649912Lollipops and other hard candy32
20649913Lozenges, candy (non-medicated)3
20649915Marzipan (candy)0
20649916Nuts, candy covered20
20649917Nuts, glace4
20649918Popcorn balls or other treated popcorn products58