Industry: 2075—Soybean Oil Mills
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing soybean oil, cake, and meal, and soybean protein isolates and concentrates, or in processing purchased soybean oil other than into edible cooking oils. Establishments primarily engaged in refining soybean oil into edible cooking oils are classified in Industry 2079.

Lecithin, soybeanSoybean oil, deodorized
Soybean flour and gritsSoybean protein concentrates
Soybean oil, cake, and mealSoybean protein isolates
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2075Soybean Oil Mills131
207500Soybean oil mills75
20750000Soybean oil mills75
207599Soybean oil mills, nec56
20759901Lecithin, soybean14
20759902Soybean flour and grits2
20759903Soybean oil, cake or meal24
20759904Soybean oil, deodorized1
20759905Soybean powder1
20759906Soybean protein concentrates and isolates14