SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2048—Prepared Feed and Feed Ingredients for Animals and Fowls, Except Dogs and Cats
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing prepared feeds and feed ingredients and adjuncts for animals and fowls, except dogs and cats. Included in this industry are poultry and livestock feed and feed ingredients, such as alfalfa meal, feed supplements, and feed concentrates and feed premixes. Also included are establishments primarily engaged in slaughtering animals for animal feed. Establishments primarily engaged in slaughtering animals for human consumption are classified in Industry Group 201. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dog and cat foods are classified in Industry 2047.

Alfalfa, cubedHay, cubed
Alfalfa, prepared as feed for animalsHorsemeat, except for human consumption
Animal feeds, prepared: except dog and catKelp meal and pellets
Bird food, preparedLivestock feeds, supplements, and concentrates
Buttermilk emulsion for animal foodMeal, bone: prepared as feed for animals and fowls
Chicken feeds, preparedMineral feed supplements
Citrus seed mealOats: crimped, pulverized, and rolled: except breakfast food
Earthworm food and beddingOyster shells, ground: used as feed for animals and fowls
Feed concentratesPet food, except dog and cat: canned, frozen, and dry
Feed premixesPoultry feeds, supplements, and concentrates
Feed supplementsShell crushing for feed
Feeds, prepared (including mineral): for animals and fowls—except dogs and catsSlaughtering of animals, except for human consumption
Feeds, specialty: mice, guinea pigs, minks, etc.Stock feeds, dry
Fish food
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2048Prepared Feeds, Nec1,769
204800Prepared feeds, nec645
20480000Prepared feeds, nec645
204801Cereal-, grain-, and seed-based feeds288
20480100Cereal-, grain-, and seed-based feeds40
20480101Alfalfa or alfalfa meal, prepared as animal feed34
20480102Alfalfa, cubed5
20480103Bird food, prepared73
20480104Chicken feeds, prepared14
20480105Citrus seed meal, prepared as animal feed0
20480106Crimped oats, prepared as animal feed1
20480107Hay, cubed10
20480108Poultry feeds76
20480109Pulverized oats, prepared as animal feed6
20480110Rolled oats, prepared as animal feed2
20480111Stock feeds, dry27
204802Feeds from meat and from meat and vegetable meals41
20480200Feeds from meat and from meat and vegetable meals16
20480201Bone meal, prepared as animal feed2
20480202Feather meal, prepared as animal feed0
20480203Horse meat, canned: prepared as animal feed0
20480206Kelp meal and pellets, prepared as animal feed13
20480207Meat meal and tankage, prepared as animal feed8
204899Prepared feeds, nec, nec795
20489901Buttermilk emulsion for animal food4
20489902Canned pet food (except dog and cat)26
20489903Dry pet food (except dog and cat)40
20489904Earthworm food and bedding2
20489905Feed concentrates36
20489906Feed premixes44
20489907Feed supplements177
20489908Feeds, specialty: mice, guinea pig, etc.10
20489909Fish food83
20489910Frozen pet food (except dog and cat)8
20489911Livestock feeds303
20489912Mineral feed supplements58
20489913Oyster shells, ground: prepared as animal feed2
20489914Shell crushing, for feed0
20489915Slaughtering of nonfood animals2