SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2066—Chocolate and Cocoa Products
Establishments primarily engaged in shelling, roasting, and grinding cacao beans for the purpose of making chocolate liquor, from which cocoa powder and cocoa butter are derived, and in the further manufacture of solid chocolate bars, chocolate coatings, and other chocolate and cocoa products. Also included is the manufacture of similar products, except candy, from purchased chocolate or cocoa. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing candy from purchased cocoa products are classified in Industry 2064.

Baking chocolateChocolate liquor
Bars, candy: solid chocolateChocolate syrup
Cacao bean products: chocolate, cocoa butter, and cocoaChocolate, instant
Cacao beans: shelling, roasting, and grinding for making chocolateChocolate, sweetened or unsweetened
Candy, solid chocolateCocoa butter
Chocolate bars, solid: from cacao beansCocoa mix, instant
Chocolate coatings and syrupsCocoa, powdered: mixed with other substances
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2066Chocolate and Cocoa Products570
206600Chocolate and cocoa products205
20660000Chocolate and cocoa products205
206601Cacao bean processing13
20660100Cacao bean processing9
20660101Chocolate liquor2
206602Cocoa and cocoa products22
20660200Cocoa and cocoa products11
20660201Cocoa butter5
20660202Instant cocoa2
20660203Powdered cocoa4
20660301Baking chocolate14
20660302Chocolate bars, solid23
20660303Chocolate candy, solid58
20660304Chocolate coatings and syrup7