Industry: 2082—Malt Beverages
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing malt beverages. Establishments primarily engaged in bottling purchased malt beverages are classified in Industry 5181.

AleMalt extract, liquors, and syrups
Beer (alcoholic beverage)Near beer
BreweriesPorter (alcoholic beverage)
Brewers' grainStout (alcoholic beverage)
Liquors, malt
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2082Malt Beverages2,000
208200Malt beverages1,017
20820000Malt beverages1,017
208201Malt beverage products94
20820100Malt beverage products29
20820101Brewers' grain61
20820102Extract, malt1
20820103Syrups, malt3
208299Malt beverages, nec889
20829901Ale (alcoholic beverage)95
20829902Beer (alcoholic beverage)678
20829903Liquors, malt50
20829904Near beer64
20829905Porter (alcoholic beverage)0
20829906Stout (alcoholic beverage)2