SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2086—Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks and Carbonated Waters
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing soft drinks and carbonated waters. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fruit and vegetable juices are classified in Industry Group 203; those manufacturing fruit syrups for flavoring are classified in Industry 2087; and those manufacturing nonalcoholic cider are classified in Industry 2099. Establishments primarily engaged in bottling natural spring waters are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5149.

Beer, birch and root: bottled or cannedLemonade: bottled, canned, or fresh
Carbonated beverages, nonalcoholic: bottled or cannedMineral water, carbonated: bottled or canned
Drinks, fruit: bottled, canned, or freshSoft drinks, bottled or canned
Ginger ale, bottled or cannedTea, iced: bottled or canned
Iced tea, bottled or cannedWater, pasteurized: bottled or canned
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2086Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks3,490
208600Bottled and canned soft drinks1,309
20860000Bottled and canned soft drinks1,309
208601Iced tea and fruit drinks, bottled and canned230
20860100Iced tea and fruit drinks, bottled and canned82
20860101Fruit drinks (less than 100% juice): packaged in cans, etc.61
20860102Lemonade: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.28
20860103Tea, iced: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.59
208602Pasteurized and mineral waters, bottled and canned449
20860200Pasteurized and mineral waters, bottled and canned146
20860201Mineral water, carbonated: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.77
20860202Water, natural: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.226
208603Carbonated soft drinks, bottled and canned1,502
20860300Carbonated soft drinks, bottled and canned668
20860301Carbonated beverages, nonalcoholic: pkged. in cans, bottles279
20860302Soft drinks: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.555