SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2026—Fluid Milk
Establishments primarily engaged in processing (e.g., pasteurizing, homogenizing, vitaminizing, bottling) fluid milk and cream, and related products, including cottage cheese, yogurt (except frozen), and other fermented milk. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dry mix whipped toppings are classified in Industry 2023; those producing frozen whipped toppings are classified in Industry 2038; and those producing frozen yogurt are classified in Industry 2024.

Buttermilk, culturedMilk production, except farm
Chocolate milkMilk, acidophilus
Cottage cheese, including pot, bakers', and farmers' cheeseMilk, bottled
Cream, aeratedMilk, flavored
Cream, bottledMilk, reconstituted
Cream, sourMilk, ultra-high temperature
Dips, sour cream basedSour cream
Eggnog, fresh: nonalcoholicWhipped cream
Flavored milk drinksWhipped topping, except frozen or dry mix
Half and halfYogurt, except frozen
Milk processing (pasteurizing, homogenizing, vitaminizing, bottling)
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2026Fluid Milk695
202600Fluid milk244
20260000Fluid milk244
202601Milk and cream, except fermented, cultured, and flavored191
20260100Milk and cream, except fermented, cultured, and flavored10
20260101Cream, aerated0
20260102Cream, sour7
20260103Cream, sweet5
20260104Cream, whipped3
20260105Half and half3
20260106Milk processing (pasteurizing, homogenizing, bottling)162
20260107Milk, reconstituted0
20260108Milk, ultra-high temperature (longlife)1
202602Fermented and cultured milk products206
20260200Fermented and cultured milk products31
20260202Bakers' cheese2
20260203Buttermilk, cultured2
20260204Cottage cheese3
20260205Farmers' cheese21
20260207Pot cheese1
202699Fluid milk, nec54
20269901Dips, sour cream based5
20269902Eggnog, fresh: non-alcoholic3
20269903Milk drinks, flavored16
20269904Milk, chocolate11
20269905Whipped topping, except frozen or dry mix19