Industry: 2095—Roasted Coffee
Establishments primarily engaged in roasting coffee, and in manufacturing coffee concentrates and extracts in powdered, liquid, or frozen form, including freeze-dried. Coffee roasting by wholesale grocers is classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5149.

Coffee extractsCoffee, Found: mixed with grain or chicory
Coffee roasting, except by wholesale grocersCoffee, instant and freeze-dried
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2095Roasted Coffee813
209500Roasted coffee485
20950000Roasted coffee485
209599Roasted coffee, nec328
20959901Coffee extracts28
20959902Coffee roasting (except by wholesale grocers)257
20959903Coffee, ground: mixed with grain or chicory11
20959904Freeze-dried coffee5
20959905Instant coffee27