Industry: 2076—Vegetable Oil Mills, Except Corn, Cottonseed, and Soybean
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing vegetable oils, cake and meal, except corn, cottonseed, and soybean, or in processing similar purchased oils other than into edible cooking oils. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing corn oil and its by-products are classified in Industry 2046, those which are refining vegetable oils into edible cooking oils are classified in Industry 2079, and those refining these oils for medicinal purposes are classified in Industry 2833.

Castor oil and pomacePeanut oil, cake, and meal
Coconut oilSafflower oil
Linseed oil, cake, and mealSunflower seed oil
Oils, vegetable: except corn, cottonseed, and soybeanTallow, vegetable
Oiticica oilTung oil
Palm kernel oilWalnut oil
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2076Vegetable Oil Mills, Nec62
207600Vegetable oil mills, nec0
20760000Vegetable oil mills, nec37
207699Vegetable oil mills, nec, nec0
20769901Castor oil and pomace1
20769902Coconut oil13
20769905Palm kernel oil4
20769906Peanut oil, cake or meal3
20769907Safflower oil1
20769908Tallow, vegetable1
20769909Tung oil0
20769910Walnut oil1