SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2045—Prepared Flour Mixes and Doughs
Establishments primarily engaged in preparing flour mixes or doughs from purchased flour. Establishments primarily engaged in milling flour from grain and producing mixes or doughs are classified in Industry 2041.

Biscuit mixes and doughs—mfpmFlour: blended or self-rising—mfpm
Bread and bread-type roll mixes—mfpmFrozen doughs—mfpm
Cake flour—mfpmGingerbread mixes—mfpm
Cake mixes—mfpmMixes, flour: e.g., pancake, cake, biscuit, doughnut—mfpm
Dough, biscuit—mfpmPancake batter, refrigerated or frozen—mfpm
Doughnut mixes—mfpmPancake mixes—mfpm
Doughs, refrigerated or frozen—mfpmPizza mixes and doughs—mfpm
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2045Prepared Flour Mixes and Doughs175
204500Prepared flour mixes and doughs71
20450000Prepared flour mixes and doughs71
204501Flours and flour mixes, from purchased flour70
20450100Flours and flour mixes, from purchased flour18
20450102Biscuit mixes, prepared: from purchased flour0
20450103Blended flour: from purchased flour3
20450104Bread and bread type roll mixes: from purchased flour16
20450105Cake flour: from purchased flour0
20450106Cake mixes, prepared: from purchased flour8
20450107Doughnut mixes, prepared: from purchased flour7
20450108Farina, except cereal breakfast food: from purchased flour1
20450109Gingerbread mix, prepared: from purchased flour2
20450110Pancake mixes, prepared: from purchased flour14
20450112Pizza mixes: from purchased flour1
204502Doughs and batters, from purchased flour34
20450200Doughs and batters, from purchased flour2
20450201Biscuit dough, prepared: from purchased flour7
20450202Doughs, frozen or refrigerated: from purchased flour15
20450203Pancake batter, frozen or refrigerated: from purchased flour1
20450204Pizza doughs, prepared: from purchased flour9