Industry: 2023—Dry, Condensed, and Evaporated Dairy Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dry, condensed, and evaporated dairy products. Included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing mixes for the preparation of frozen ice cream and ice milk and dairy and non-dairy base cream substitutes and dietary supplements.

Baby formula: fresh, processed, and bottledLactose, edible
Buttermilk: concentrated, condensed, dried, evaporated, and powderedMalted milk
Casein, dry and wetMilk, whole: canned
Cream substitutesMilk: concentrated, condensed, dried, evaporated, and powdered
Cream: dried, powdered, and cannedMilkshake mix
Dietary supplements, dairy and non-dairy baseSkim milk: concentrated, dried, and powdered
Dry milk products: whole milk, nonfat milk, buttermilk, whey, and creamSugar of milk
Eggnog, canned: nonalcoholicWhey: concentrated, condensed, dried, evaporated, and powdered
Ice cream mix, unfrozen: liquid or dryWhipped topping, dry mix
Ice milk mix, unfrozen: liquid or dryYogurt mix
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2023Dry, Condensed, Evaporated Products783
202300Dry, condensed and evaporated dairy products101
20230000Dry, condensed and evaporated dairy products101
202301Baby formulas21
20230100Baby formulas14
20230101Bottled baby formula4
20230102Canned baby formula1
20230104Powdered baby formula2
20230105Processed baby formula0
202302Condensed, concentrated, and evaporated milk products49
20230200Condensed, concentrated, and evaporated milk products8
20230202Concentrated milk2
20230203Concentrated skim milk3
20230204Concentrated whey4
20230206Condensed milk3
20230207Condensed whey0
20230208Evaporated buttermilk0
20230209Evaporated milk29
20230210Evaporated whey0
202303Dried and powdered milk and milk products50
20230300Dried and powdered milk and milk products14
20230303Dried milk5
20230304Dried nonfat milk2
20230306Dried whey1
20230307Milk preparations, dried1
20230308Powdered buttermilk1
20230310Powdered milk15
20230311Powdered skim milk0
20230312Powdered whey8
202399Dry, condensed, evaporated products, nec562
20239902Canned milk, whole0
20239903Casein, dry or wet2
20239904Cream substitutes4
20239905Dietary supplements, dairy and non-dairy based535
20239906Eggnog, packaged: non-alcoholic0
20239907Ice cream mix, unfrozen: liquid or dry11
20239909Lactose, edible (milk sugar)1
20239910Malted milk0
20239911Milkshake mix4
20239912Whipped topping, dry mix0
20239913Yogurt mix3