SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2077—Animal and Marine Fats and Oils
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing animal oils, including fish oil and other marine animal oils, and fish and animal meal; and those rendering inedible stearin, grease, and tallow from animal fat, bones, and meat scraps. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing lard and edible tallow and stearin are classified in Industry Group 201; those refining marine animal oils for medicinal purposes are classified in Industry 2833; and those manufacturing fatty acids are classified in Industry 2899.

Feather mealMeat and bone meal and tankage
Fish liver oils, crudeOils, animal
Fish mealOils, fish and marine animal: e.g., herring, menhaden, whale
Fish oil and fish oil mealRendering plants, inedible grease and tallow
Grease rendering, inedibleStearin, animal: inedible
Meal, meat and bone: not prepared as feedTallow rendering, inedible
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2077Animal and Marine Fats and Oils297
207700Animal and marine fats and oils116
20770000Animal and marine fats and oils116
207701Animal fats, oils, and meals19
20770100Animal fats, oils, and meals16
20770101Bone meal, except as animal feed1
20770102Feather meal, except as animal feed0
20770103Meat meal and tankage, except as animal feed2
207702Marine fats, oils, and meals23
20770200Marine fats, oils, and meals4
20770201Fish liver oils, crude0
20770202Fish meal, except as animal feed6
20770203Fish oil11
20770205Menhaden oil2
20770207Whale oil, refined0
20770301Grease rendering, inedible39
20770302Stearin, animal: inedible1
20770303Tallow rendering, inedible55