SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2096—Potato Chips, Corn Chips, and Similar Snacks
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing potato chips, corn chips, and similar snacks. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pretzels and crackers are classified in Industry 2052; those manufacturing candy covered popcorn are classified in Industry 2064; those manufacturing salted, roasted, cooked or canned nuts and seeds are classified in Industry 2068; and those manufacturing packaged unpopped popcorn are classified in Industry 2099.

Cheese curls and puffsPork rinds
Corn chips and related corn snacksPotato chips and related corn snacks
Popcorn, popped: except candy coveredPotato sticks
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2096Potato Chips and Similar Snacks652
209600Potato chips and similar snacks321
20960000Potato chips and similar snacks321
209601Potato chips and other potato-based snacks124
20960100Potato chips and other potato-based snacks120
20960101Potato sticks4
209602Corn chips and other corn-based snacks154
20960200Corn chips and other corn-based snacks38
20960201Popcorn, already popped (except candy covered)37
20960202Tortilla chips79
209699Potato chips and similar snacks, nec53
20969901Cheese curls and puffs18
20969902Onion fries1
20969903Pork rinds31
20969904Rice chips3