SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2024—Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing ice cream and other frozen desserts. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing frozen bakery products, such as cakes and pies, are classified in Industry 2053.

Custard, frozenParfait
Desserts, frozen: except bakeryPops, dessert: frozen-flavored ice, fruit pudding and gelatin
Fruit pops, frozenPudding pops, frozen
Ice cream: e.g., bulk, packaged, molded, on sticksSherbets and ices
Ice milk: e.g., bulk, packaged, molded, on sticksSpumoni
Ices and sherbetsTofu frozen desserts
Juice pops, frozenYogurt, frozen
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2024Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts1,390
202400Ice cream and frozen desserts635
20240000Ice cream and frozen desserts635
202401Ice cream and ice milk440
20240100Ice cream and ice milk49
20240101Ice cream, bulk338
20240102Ice cream, packaged: molded, on sticks, etc.48
20240103Ice milk, bulk3
20240104Ice milk, packaged: molded, on sticks, etc.2
202402Dairy based frozen desserts206
20240200Dairy based frozen desserts54
20240201Custard, frozen15
20240202Pudding pops, frozen1
20240203Sherbets, dairy based2
20240205Yogurt desserts, frozen134
202403Nondairy based frozen desserts109
20240300Nondairy based frozen desserts22
20240301Fruit pops, frozen16
20240302Gelatin pops, frozen2
20240303Ices, flavored (frozen dessert)44
20240304Juice pops, frozen11
20240307Sorbets, non-dairy based5
20240308Tofu desserts, frozen7