Industry: 2037—Frozen Fruits, Fruit Juices, and Vegetables
Establishments primarily engaged in freezing fruits, fruit juices, and vegetables. These establishments also produce important by-products such as fresh or dried citrus pulp.

Concentrates, frozen fruit juiceFruit juices, frozen
Dried citrus pulpFruits, quick frozen and coldpack (frozen)
Frozen fruits, fruit juices, and vegetablesVegetables, quick frozen and coldpack (frozen)
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2037Frozen Fruits and Vegetables546
203700Frozen fruits and vegetables260
20370000Frozen fruits and vegetables260
203701Frozen fruits and vegetables131
20370100Frozen fruits and vegetables24
20370101Citrus pulp, dried5
20370102Fruits, quick frozen and cold pack (frozen)35
20370103Potato products, quick frozen and cold pack30
20370104Vegetables, quick frozen & cold pack, excl. potato products37
203702Fruit juices155
20370200Fruit juices120
20370201Fruit juice concentrates, frozen24
20370202Fruit juices, frozen11