SIC Codes and Counts by Division

Division: A — Agriculture, Forestry, And Fishing

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Code Industry TitleNumber of
US Entities
01Agricultural Production - Crops227,041
0119Cash Grains, Nec19,054
0133Sugarcane and Sugar Beets623
0134Irish Potatoes475
0139Field Crops, Except Cash Grain10,725
0161Vegetables and Melons4,133
0171Berry Crops1,352
0173Tree Nuts1,433
0174Citrus Fruits847
0175Deciduous Tree Fruits4,015
0179Fruits and Tree Nuts, Nec683
0181Ornamental Nursery Products8,340
0182Food Crops Grown Under Cover1,261
0191General Farms, Primarily Crop126,674
02Agricultural Production - Livestock and Animal Specialties92,658
0211Beef Cattle Feedlots9,876
0212Beef Cattle, Except Feedlots15,673
0214Sheep and Goats1,300
0219General Livestock, Nec1,453
0241Dairy Farms20,132
0251Broiler, Fryer, and Roaster Chickens934
0252Chicken Eggs579
0253Turkeys and Turkey Eggs591
0254Poultry Hatcheries573
0259Poultry and Eggs, Nec980
0271Fur-bearing Animals and Rabbits391
0272Horses and Other Equines3,624
0273Animal Aquaculture790
0279Animal Specialties, Nec3,197
0291General Farms, Primarily animals28,429
07Agricultural Services363,262
0711Soil Preparation Services1,346
0721Crop Planting and Protection2,959
0722Crop Harvesting1,869
0723Crop Preparation Services For Market2,091
0724Cotton Ginning608
0741Veterinary Services For Livestock1,191
0742Veterinary Services, Specialties46,104
0751Livestock Services, Except Veterinary3,409
0752Animal Specialty Services67,901
0761Farm Labor Contractors737
0762Farm Management Services3,289
0781Landscape Counseling and Planning90,445
0782Lawn and Garden Services108,131
0783Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services33,182
0811Timber Tracts5,062
0831Forest Products1,038
0851Forestry Services5,301
09Fishing, Hunting and Trapping4,290
Total US Business Entities1,393,014

Division: A — Agriculture, Forestry, And Fishing

This division includes establishments primarily engaged in agricultural production, forestry, commercial fishing, hunting and trapping, and related services.

The classification of agricultural production covers establishments (e.g., farms, ranches, dairies, greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, hatcheries) primarily engaged in the production of crops, plants, vines, or trees (excluding forestry operations); and the keeping, grazing, or feeding of livestock for the sale of livestock or livestock products (including serums), for livestock increase, or for value increase. Livestock as used here includes cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, and poultry. Also included are animal specialties, such as horses, rabbits, bees, pets, fur-bearing animals in captivity, and fish in captivity. Agricultural production also includes establishments primarily engaged in the operation of sod farms, cranberry bogs, and poultry hatcheries; in the production of mushrooms, bulbs, flower seeds, and vegetable seeds; and in the growing of hydroponic crops.

Farms are the establishment units generally utilized for the purpose of industrial classification of agricultural production. A farm may consist of a single tract of land or a number of separate tracts which may be held under different tenures. For example, one tract may be owned by the farm operator and another rented. It may be operated by the operator alone or with the assistance of members of the household or hired employees, or it may be operated by a partnership, corporation, or other type of organization. When a landowner has one or more tenants, renters, croppers, or managers, the land operated by each is considered a farm.

The classification of agricultural services includes establishments primarily engaged in supplying soil preparation services, crop services, landscape and horticultural services, veterinary and other animal services, and farm labor and management services.

The classification of forestry covers establishments primarily engaged in the operation of timber tracts, tree farms, or forest nurseries; in the gathering of forest products; or in performing forestry services. Logging establishments are classified in Manufacturing, Industry 2411.

The classification of fishing and hunting and trapping covers establishments primarily engaged in commercial fishing (including shellfish and marine products); in operating fish hatcheries and fish and game preserves; and in commercial hunting and trapping.

Establishments which produce agricultural commodities and sell them directly to the general public for personal or household consumption are classified in Major Groups 01 and 02.