02 - Agricultural Production - Livestock and Animal Specialties
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
02Agricultural Production - Livestock and Animal Specialties91,355
0211Beef Cattle Feedlots11,307
021100Beef cattle feedlots11,307
02110000Beef cattle feedlots11,307
0212Beef Cattle, Except Feedlots16,616
021200Beef cattle, except feedlots16,616
02120000Beef cattle, except feedlots16,616
021399Hogs, nec508
02139901Hog feedlot508
0214Sheep and Goats1,315
021400Sheep and goats214
02140000Sheep and goats214
02140101Goat farm220
02140102Goats' milk production37
02140103Mohair production4
02140201Lamb feedlot22
02140202Sheep feeding farm15
02140203Sheep raising farm277
02140204Wool production25
0219General Livestock, Nec1,544
021900General livestock, nec1,544
02190000General livestock, nec1,544
0241Dairy Farms21,269
024100Dairy farms19,279
02410000Dairy farms19,279
024199Dairy farms, nec1,990
02419901Dairy heifer replacement farm405
02419902Milk production1,585
0251Broiler, Fryer, and Roaster Chickens950
025100Broiler, fryer, and roaster chickens590
02510000Broiler, fryer, and roaster chickens590
025199Broiler, fryer, and roaster chickens, nec360
02519901Broiling chickens, raising of282
02519902Capons, raising of2
02519903Cornish hens, raising of5
02519904Frying chickens, raising of31
02519905Roasting chickens, raising of40
0252Chicken Eggs538
025200Chicken eggs491
02520000Chicken eggs491
025299Chicken eggs, nec47
02529901Started pullet farm47
0253Turkeys and Turkey Eggs595
025300Turkeys and turkey eggs55
02530000Turkeys and turkey eggs55
025399Turkeys and turkey eggs, nec540
02539901Turkey egg farm14
02539902Turkey farm526
0254Poultry Hatcheries689
025400Poultry hatcheries482
02540000Poultry hatcheries482
025499Poultry hatcheries, nec207
02549901Chicken hatchery207
0259Poultry and Eggs, Nec887
025900Poultry and eggs, nec586
02590000Poultry and eggs, nec586
025999Poultry and eggs, nec, nec301
02599901Duck farm125
02599902Geese farm6
02599903Pheasant farm66
02599904Pigeon farm15
02599905Quail farm84
02599906Squab farm5
0271Fur-bearing Animals and Rabbits368
027100Fur-bearing animals and rabbits49
02710000Fur-bearing animals and rabbits49
027199Fur-bearing animals and rabbits, nec319
02719901Chinchilla farm6
02719902Fox farm122
02719903Mink farm146
02719904Rabbit farm42
02719905Raccoon farm3
0272Horses and Other Equines4,067
027200Horses and other equines1,306
02720000Horses and other equines1,306
027299Horses and other equines, nec2,761
02729901Burro farm6
02729902Donkey farm32
02729903Horse farm2,645
02729904Mule farm22
02729905Pony farm56
0273Animal Aquaculture769
027300Animal aquaculture322
02730000Animal aquaculture322
027301Finfish farms358
02730100Finfish farms106
02730101Catfish farm70
02730102Goldfish farm5
02730103Minnow farm17
02730104Tropical fish farm74
02730105Trout farm86
027302Shellfish farms89
02730200Shellfish farms66
02730201Crustacean farm17
02730202Mollusk farm6
0279Animal Specialties, Nec2,861
027900Animal specialties, nec363
02790000Animal specialties, nec363
027901Worm farms132
02790100Worm farms103
02790101Earthworm farm24
02790102Silk (raw) production and silkworm farm5
027902Bird sanctuaries205
02790200Bird sanctuaries127
027903Amphibious animal farms78
02790300Amphibious animal farms16
02790301Alligator farm28
02790302Frog farm28
02790303Rattlesnake farm6
027904Domestic animal farms884
02790400Domestic animal farms100
02790401Cat farm41
02790402Dog farm200
02790403Kennels, breeding and raising own stock543
027999Animal specialties, nec, nec1,199
02799901Apiary (bee and honey farm)1,081
02799902Laboratory animal farm65
02799903Insect farm53
0291General Farms, Primarily animals23,402
029100General farms, primarily animals20,922
02910000General farms, primarily animals20,922
029199General farms, primarily animals, nec2,480
02919901Animal specialty farm, general508
02919902Livestock farm, general1,972