SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0251—Broiler, Fryer, and Roaster Chickens
Establishments primarily engaged in the production of chickens for slaughter, including those grown under contract.

Broiler chickens, raising ofFrying chickens, raising of
Chicken farms or ranches, raising for slaughterRoasting chickens, raising of
Cornish hen farms
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0251Broiler, Fryer, and Roaster Chickens904
025100Broiler, fryer, and roaster chickens555
02510000Broiler, fryer, and roaster chickens555
025199Broiler, fryer, and roaster chickens, nec349
02519901Broiling chickens, raising of280
02519902Capons, raising of2
02519903Cornish hens, raising of6
02519904Frying chickens, raising of27
02519905Roasting chickens, raising of34