SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0279—Animal Specialties, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in the production of animal specialties, not elsewhere classified, such as pets, bees, worms, and laboratory animals. This industry also includes establishments deriving 50 percent or more of their total value of sales of agricultural products from animal specialties (Industry Group 027), but less than 50 percent from products of any single industry.

Alligator farmsFrog farms
ApiariesHoney production
Aviaries (e.g., parakeet, canary, lovebirds)Kennels, breeding and raising own stock
Bee farmsLaboratory animal farms (e.g., rats, mice, guinea pigs)
Cat farmsRattlesnake farms
Dog farmsSilk (raw) production and silkworm farms
Earthworm hatcheriesWorm farms
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0279Animal Specialties, Nec2,919
027900Animal specialties, nec284
02790000Animal specialties, nec284
027901Worm farms128
02790100Worm farms104
02790101Earthworm farm21
02790102Silk (raw) production and silkworm farm3
027902Bird sanctuaries188
02790200Bird sanctuaries104
027903Amphibious animal farms84
02790300Amphibious animal farms9
02790301Alligator farm30
02790302Frog farm41
02790303Rattlesnake farm4
027904Domestic animal farms634
02790400Domestic animal farms98
02790401Cat farm44
02790402Dog farm145
02790403Kennels, breeding and raising own stock347
027999Animal specialties, nec, nec1,601
02799901Apiary (bee and honey farm)1,489
02799902Laboratory animal farm58
02799903Insect farm54