Industry: 0214—Sheep and Goats
Establishments primarily engaged in the production of sheep, lambs, goats, goats'milk, wool, and mohair, including the operation of lamb feedlots, on their own account or on a contract or fee basis.

Feedlots, lambSheep feeding farms and ranches
Goat farmsSheep raising farms and ranches
Goats' milk productionWool production
Mohair production
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0214Sheep and Goats1,267
021400Sheep and goats184
02140000Sheep and goats184
02140101Goat farm256
02140102Goats' milk production35
02140103Mohair production2
02140201Lamb feedlot20
02140202Sheep feeding farm19
02140203Sheep raising farm266
02140204Wool production25