Major Group: 07—Agricultural Services

This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in performing soil preparation services, crop services, veterinary services, other animal services, farm labor and management services, and landscape and horticultural services, for others on a contract or fee basis. However, feedlots and poultry hatcheries operated on a contract or fee basis are included in Major Group 02.

Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
Industry Group 071: Soil Preparation Services
0711Soil Preparation Services1,350
Industry Group 072: Crop Services
0721Crop Planting, Cultivating, and Protecting2,964
0722Crop Harvesting, Primarily by Machine1,883
0723Crop Preparation Services for Market, Except Cotton Ginning2,029
0724Cotton Ginning583
Industry Group 074: Veterinary Services
0741Veterinary Services for Livestock1,674
0742Veterinary Services for Animal Specialties40,559
Industry Group 075: Animal Services, Except Veterinary
0751Livestock Services, Except Veterinary3,130
0752Animal Specialty Services, Except Veterinary52,040
Industry Group 076: Farm Labor And Management Services
0761Farm Labor Contractors and Crew Leaders540
0762Farm Management Services2,953
Industry Group 078: Landscape And Horticultural Services
0781Landscape Counseling and Planning75,695
0782Lawn and Garden Services99,096
0783Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services26,680