SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0723—Crop Preparation Services for Market, Except Cotton Ginning
Establishments primarily engaged in performing services on crops, subsequent to their harvest, with the intent of preparing them for market or further processing. Establishments primarily engaged in buying farm products for resale to other than the general public for household consumption and which also prepare them for market or further processing are classified in Wholesale Trade. Establishments primarily engaged in stemming and redrying tobacco are classified in Manufacturing, Industry 2141.

Bean cleaningNut hulling and shelling
Corn shellingPackaging fresh or farm dried fruits and vegetables
Cotton seed delintingPeanut shelling, custom
Drying of corn, rice, hay, fruits, and vegetablesPotato curing
Flax decorticating and rettingSeed cleaning
Fruit precooling, not in connection with transportationSorting, grading, and packing of fruits and vegetables
Fruit vacuum coolingSweet potato curing
Grain cleaningTobacco grading
Grain fumigationVegetable precooling, not in connection with transportation
Grain grinding, customVegetable vacuum cooling
Moss ginning
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0723Crop Preparation Services For Market2,090
072300Crop preparation services for market360
07230000Crop preparation services for market360
072301Field crops, except cash grains, market preparation services236
07230100Field crops, except cash grains, market preparation services60
07230101Alfalfa cubing services6
07230102Cotton seed delinting services10
07230103Flax decorticating services1
07230104Flax retting services2
07230105Hay baling services111
07230106Hay cubing services13
07230107Hay drying services4
07230108Peanut shelling27
07230109Tobacco grading services2
072302Cash grain crops market preparation services561
07230200Cash grain crops market preparation services182
07230201Corn drying services7
07230202Corn shelling services6
07230203Feed milling, custom services140
07230204Flour milling, custom services30
07230205Grain cleaning services36
07230206Grain drying services44
07230207Grain milling; custom services67
07230208Rice drying services49
072303Vegetable crops market preparation services288
07230300Vegetable crops market preparation services92
07230301Bean cleaning services24
07230302Potato curing services12
07230303Sweet potato curing services3
07230304Vegetable drying services4
07230305Vegetable grading services9
07230306Vegetable packing services119
07230307Vegetable precooling services18
07230308Vegetable sorting services7
072304Fruit crops market preparation services351
07230400Fruit crops market preparation services50
07230401Fruit (farm-dried) packing services64
07230402Fruit (fresh) packing services215
07230403Fruit drying services8
07230404Fruit grading services1
07230405Fruit precooling services7
07230406Fruit sorting services6
072305Tree nut crops market preparation services140
07230500Tree nut crops market preparation services21
07230501Almond hulling and shelling services33
07230502Filbert hulling and shelling services2
07230503Pecan hulling and shelling services26
07230504Tree nuts (general) hulling and shelling services36
07230505Walnut hulling and shelling services22
072399Crop preparation services for market, nec154
07239901Moss ginning services0
07239902Seed cleaning148
07239903Vacuum cooling6