SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0783—Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services
Establishments primarily engaged in performing a variety of ornamental shrub and tree services. Establishments primarily engaged in forestry services are classified in Major Group 08. Establishments primarily engaged in general lawn and garden planting and maintenance are classified in Industry 0782, and those primarily engaged in performing shrub and tree services for farm crops are classified in Industry 0721.

Arborist servicesTree trimming for public utility lines
Ornamental bush planting, pruning, bracing, spraying, removal, and surgeryTrees, ornamental: planting, pruning, bracing, spraying, removal, and surgery
Ornamental tree planting, pruning, bracing, spraying, removal, and surgeryUtility line tree trimming services
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0783Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services32,056
078300Ornamental shrub and tree services4,702
07830000Ornamental shrub and tree services4,702
078301Planting, pruning, and trimming services23,805
07830100Planting, pruning, and trimming services22,101
07830101Planting services, ornamental bush25
07830102Planting services, ornamental tree205
07830103Pruning services, ornamental bush31
07830104Pruning services, ornamental tree363
07830105Tree trimming services for public utility lines1,080
078302Bracing and surgery services390
07830200Bracing and surgery services242
07830201Bracing services, ornamental bush2
07830202Bracing services, ornamental tree16
07830203Surgery services, ornamental bush13
07830204Surgery services, ornamental tree117
078399Ornamental shrub and tree services, nec3,159
07839901Arborist services313
07839902Removal services, bush and tree2,769
07839903Spraying services, ornamental bush26
07839904Spraying services, ornamental tree51