SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0782—Lawn and Garden Services
Establishments primarily engaged in performing a variety of lawn and garden services. Establishments primarily engaged in the installation of artificial turf are classified in Construction, Industry 1799.

Bermuda sprigging servicesLawn seeding services
Cemetery upkeep, independentLawn spraying services
Garden maintenanceLawn sprigging services
Garden plantingMowing highway center strips and edges
Lawn careSeeding highway strips
Lawn fertilizing servicesSod laying
Lawn mowing servicesTurf installation, except artificial
Lawn mulching services
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
0782Lawn and Garden Services107,175
078200Lawn and garden services11,541
07820000Lawn and garden services11,541
078201Garden services4,588
07820100Garden services3,935
07820101Garden maintenance services482
07820102Garden planting services171
078202Lawn services72,463
07820200Lawn services9,199
07820201Cemetery upkeep services107
07820202Fertilizing services, lawn265
07820203Lawn care services56,772
07820204Mowing services, lawn3,045
07820205Mulching services, lawn133
07820206Seeding services, lawn163
07820207Sodding contractor199
07820208Spraying services, lawn231
07820209Sprigging services, lawn1
07820210Turf installation services, except artificial2,348
078299Lawn and garden services, nec18,583
07829901Bermuda sprigging services17
07829902Highway lawn and garden maintenance services274
07829903Landscape contractors18,292