Industry: 0711—Soil Preparation Services
Establishments primarily engaged in land breaking, plowing, application of fertilizer, seed bed preparation, and other services for improving the soil for crop planting. Establishments primarily engaged in land clearing and earth moving for terracing and pond and irrigation construction are classified in Construction, Industry 1629.

Chemical treatment of coil for cropsPlowing
Fertilizer application for cropsSeed bed preparation
Lime spreading for cropsWeed control, crop; before planting
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
0711Soil Preparation Services1,367
071100Soil preparation services499
07110000Soil preparation services499
071199Soil preparation services, nec868
07119901Fertilizer application services291
07119902Lime spreading services31
07119903Plowing services132
07119904Seed bed preparation services19
07119905Soil chemical treatment services70
07119906Soil testing services211
07119907Weed control services, before planting114