Industry: 0752—Animal Specialty Services, Except Veterinary
Establishments primarily engaged in performing services, except veterinary, for pets, equines, and other animal specialties. Establishments primarily engaged in performing services other than veterinary for cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, and poultry are classified in Industry 0751. Establishments primarily engaged in training racehorses are classified in Services, Industry 7948.

Animal sheltersHoney straining on the farm
Artificial insemination services: animal specialtiesPedigree record services for pets and other animal specialties
Boarding horsesShowing of pets and other animal specialties
Boarding kennelsTraining horses, except racing
Breeding of animals, other than cattle hogs, sheep, goats, and poultryTraining of pets and other animal specialties
Dog groomingVaccinating pets and other animal specialties, except by veterinarians
Dog pounds
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0752Animal Specialty Services56,885
075200Animal specialty services14,801
07520000Animal specialty services14,801
075201Animal breeding services1,990
07520100Animal breeding services438
07520101Artificial insemination services, animal specialties43
07520102Breeding services, horses: racing and non-racing985
07520103Breeding services, pet and animal specialties (not horses)490
07520104Pedigree record services, pet and animal specialties34
075202Animal boarding services12,946
07520200Animal boarding services1,049
07520201Boarding services, horses: racing and non-racing762
07520202Boarding services, kennels7,777
07520203Dog pounds380
07520204Shelters, animal2,978
075203Animal training services7,813
07520300Animal training services2,089
07520301Showing services, pet and animal specialties78
07520302Training services, horses (except racing horses)3,905
07520303Training services, pet and animal specialties (not horses)1,741
075299Animal specialty services, nec19,335
07529901Grooming services, pet and animal specialties19,273
07529902Honey straining services (on farm)33
07529903Vaccinating services, pet and animal specialties29