Industry: 0721—Crop Planting, Cultivating, and Protecting
Establishments primarily engaged in performing crop planting, cultivating, and protecting services. Establishments primarily engaged in complete maintenance of citrus groves, orchards, and vineyards are classified in Industry 0762. Establishments providing water for irrigation, or providing both water and irrigation services, are classified in Transportation and Public Utilities, Industry 4971.

Aerial dusting and sprayingPlanting crops, with or without fertilizing
Bracing of orchard trees and vinesPollinating
Citrus grove cultivation servicesPruning of orchard trees and vines
Cultivation services, mechanical and flameSeeding crops, with or without fertilizing
Detasseling of cornSeeding of sprouts and twigs
Disease control for crops, with or without fertilizingSpraying crops, with or without fertilizing
Dusting crops, with or without fertilizingSurgery on orchard trees and vines
Entomological service, agriculturalThinning of crops, mechanical and chemical
HoeingTrees orchard: cultivation of
Insect control for crops, with or without fertilizingTrees orchard: planting, pruning, bracing, spraying, removal, and surgery
Irrigation system operation services (not providing water)Vineyard cultivation services
Orchard cultivation servicesWeed control, crop: after planting
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0721Crop Planting and Protection2,865
072100Crop planting and protection486
07210000Crop planting and protection486
072101Orchard tree and vine services273
07210100Orchard tree and vine services77
07210101Orchard tree and vine bracing services21
07210102Orchard tree and vine pruning services19
07210103Orchard tree and vine surgery services11
07210104Tree orchards, cultivation of103
07210105Vines, cultivation of42
072102Sprout and twig services13
07210200Sprout and twig services5
07210201Sprout and twig cultivation services6
07210202Sprout and twig seeding services2
072103Crop protecting services1,342
07210300Crop protecting services122
07210301Crop disease control services9
07210302Crop dusting services499
07210303Crop related entomological services (insect control)30
07210304Crop spraying services682
072104Crop cultivating services578
07210400Crop cultivating services44
07210401Citrus grove cultivation services55
07210402Corn detasseling services7
07210403Crop thinning (chemical) services10
07210404Crop thinning (mechanical) services7
07210405Flame cultivation services2
07210406Hoeing services1
07210407Irrigation system operation, not providing water242
07210408Mechanical cultivation services11
07210409Pollinating services22
07210410Weed control services, after planting177
072199Crop planting and protection, nec173
07219901Crop seeding services69
07219902Planting services104