Industry: 0119—Cash Grains, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in the production of cash grains, not elsewhere classified. Included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in the production of dry field and seed peas and beans, safflowers, sunflowers, or popcorn. This industry also includes establishments deriving 50 percent or more of their total value of sales of agricultural products from cash grains (Industry Group 011), but less than 50 percent from products of any single industry.

Barley farmsMustard seed farms
Bean farms, dry field and seedOat farms
Buckwheat farmsPea farms, dry field and seed
Cowpea farmsPopcorn farms
Flaxseed farmsRye farms
Grain farms: except wheat, rice, corn, and soybeansSafflower farms
Lentil farmsSorghum farms, except for syrup
Milo farmsSunflower farms
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
0119Cash Grains, Nec18,885
011900Cash grains, nec0
01190000Cash grains, nec12,666
011901Pea and bean farms (legumes)0
01190100Pea and bean farms (legumes)3,062
01190101Bean (dry field and seed) farm442
01190102Cowpea farm42
01190103Lentil farm16
01190104Mustard seed farm15
01190105Pea (dry field and seed) farm29
011902Feeder grains0
01190200Feeder grains768
01190201Emmer farm33
01190202Milo farm323
01190203Oat farm125
011903Oil grains0
01190300Oil grains71
01190301Flaxseed farm1
01190302Safflower farm7
01190303Sunflower farm70
011904Cereal crop farms0
01190400Cereal crop farms627
01190401Barley farm294
01190402Buckwheat farm73
01190403Rye farm28
01190404Sorghum farm60
011999Cash grains, nec, nec0
01199901Popcorn farm133