SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0175—Deciduous Tree Fruits
Establishments primarily engaged in the production of deciduous tree fruits. Establishments primarily growing citrus fruits are classified in Industry 0174, and those growing tropical fruits are classified in Industry 0179.

Apple orchards and farmsPersimmon orchards and farms
Apricot orchards and farmsPlum orchards and farms
Cherry orchards and farmsPomegranate orchards and farms
Nectarine orchards and farmsPrune orchards and farms
Peach orchards and farmsQuince orchards and farms
Pear orchards and farms
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0175Deciduous Tree Fruits3,832
017500Deciduous tree fruits894
01750000Deciduous tree fruits894
017599Deciduous tree fruits, nec2,938
01759901Apple orchard2,251
01759902Apricot orchard22
01759903Cherry orchard239
01759904Nectarine orchard9
01759905Peach orchard223
01759906Pear orchard98
01759907Persimmon orchard5
01759908Plum orchard22
01759909Pomegranate orchard5
01759910Prune orchard61
01759911Quince orchard3