SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0181—Ornamental Floriculture and Nursery Products
Establishments primarily engaged in the production of ornamental plants and other nursery products, such as bulbs, florists'greens, flowers, shrubbery, flower and vegetable seeds and plants, and sod. These products may be grown under cover greenhouse, frame, cloth house, lath house) or outdoors.

Bedding plants, growing ofNursery stock, growing of
Bulbs, growing ofPlants, ornamental: growing of
Field nurseries: growing of flowers and shrubbery, except forestPlants, potted: growing of
Florists' greens, cultivated growing ofRose growers
Flowers, growing ofSeeds, flower and vegetable: growing of
Foliage, growing ofShrubberies, except forest shrubbery: growing of
Fruit stocks, growing ofSod farms
Greenhouses for floral productsVegetable bedding plants, growing of
Mats, preseeded: soil erosion-growing of
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0181Ornamental Nursery Products7,770
018100Ornamental nursery products1,027
01810000Ornamental nursery products1,027
018101Plants, foliage and shrubberies2,539
01810100Plants, foliage and shrubberies138
01810101Bedding plants, growing of266
01810102Foliage, growing of71
01810103Mats, preseeded: soil erosion, growing of42
01810104Nursery stock, growing of1,606
01810105Plants, potted: growing of228
01810106Shrubberies, grown in field nurseries89
01810107Shrubberies, grown under cover (e.g. greenhouse production)99
018102Florists' greens and flowers1,883
01810200Florists' greens and flowers257
01810201Florists' greens, cultivated: growing of45
01810202Flowers, grown in field nurseries302
01810203Flowers: grown under cover (e.g., greenhouse production)1,233
01810204Roses, growing of46
018103Bulbs and seeds1,482
01810300Bulbs and seeds1,238
01810301Bulbs, growing of27
01810302Seeds, flower: growing of71
01810303Seeds, vegetable: growing of146
018199Ornamental nursery products, nec839
01819901Fruit stocks, growing of70
01819902Sod farms769