Industry: 0161—Vegetables and Melons
Establishments primarily engaged in the production of vegetables and melons in the open. Establishments primarily engaged in growing vegetables under glass or other protection are classified in Industry 0182; those producing dry field and seed beans and peas are classified in Industry 0119; those producing Irish potatoes are classified in Industry 0134, and those producing sweet potatoes and yams are classified in Industry 0139.

Asparagus farmsLettuce farms
Bean farms, except dry beansMarket gardens
Beet farms, except sugar beetMelon farms
Bok choy farmsOnion farms
Broccoli farmsPea farms, except dry peas
Cabbage farmsPepper farms, sweet and hot (vegetables)
Cantaloupe farmsRomaine farms
Cauliflower farmsSnap bean farms (bush and pole)
Celery farmsSquash farms
Corn farms, sweetTomato farms
Cucumber farmsTruck farms
English pea farmsVegetable farms
Green lima bean farmsWatermelon farms
Green pea farms
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
0161Vegetables and Melons4,178
016100Vegetables and melons1,602
01610000Vegetables and melons1,602
016101Melon farms129
01610100Melon farms43
01610101Cantaloupe farm14
01610102Crenshaw melon farm1
01610103Honeydew melon farm5
01610104Watermelon farm66
016102Pea and bean farms119
01610200Pea and bean farms51
01610201English pea farm3
01610202Lima bean farm, green18
01610203Pea farm, green (except dry peas)25
01610204Snap bean farm (bush and pole)22
016103Rooted vegetable farms426
01610300Rooted vegetable farms205
01610301Beet farm67
01610302Carrot farm36
01610303Onion farm118
016104Lettuce and leaf vegetable farms326
01610400Lettuce and leaf vegetable farms171
01610401Artichoke farm9
01610402Bok choy farm0
01610403Broccoli farm17
01610404Brussels sprout farm5
01610405Cabbage farm43
01610406Cauliflower farm4
01610407Celery farm17
01610408Endive farm1
01610409Lettuce farm57
01610410Romaine farm0
01610411Spinach farm2
016199Vegetables and melons, nec1,576
01619901Asparagus farm47
01619902Corn farm, sweet805
01619903Cucumber farm27
01619904Market garden179
01619905Pepper farm, sweet and hot (vegetables)66
01619906Squash farm27
01619907Tomato farm213
01619908Truck farm94
01619909Pumpkin farm118