08 - Forestry
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
0811Timber Tracts5,092
081100Timber tracts2,094
08110000Timber tracts2,094
081199Timber tracts, nec2,998
08119901Christmas tree farm787
08119902Timber tracts, hardwood129
08119903Timber tracts, softwood97
08119904Tree farm1,985
0831Forest Products953
083100Forest products596
08310000Forest products596
083101Gathering of forest products212
08310100Gathering of forest products83
08310101Balsam needles gathering2
08310102Bark gathering3
08310103Ginseng gathering22
08310104Gum gathering0
08310105Huckleberry greens gathering2
08310106Maple sap gathering57
08310107Moss gathering1
08310108Teaberries gathering2
08310109Tree seeds gathering40
083102Gum and resin extraction and distillation6
08310200Gum and resin extraction and distillation2
08310201Gum distillation (in forest, farm)1
08310202Gum extraction3
08310204Turpentine and rosin distillation (in forest, on farm)0
083199Forest products, nec139
08319901Forest nurseries103
08319902Rubber plantations7
08319903Tree seeds extracting29
0851Forestry Services5,006
085100Forestry services3,332
08510000Forestry services3,332
085101Forest management services781
08510100Forest management services429
08510101Forest management plans, preparation of103
08510102Reforestation services249
085199Forestry services, nec893
08519901Fire fighting services, forest540
08519902Fire prevention services, forest152
08519903Pest control services, forest83
08519904Timber cruising services42
08519905Timber estimating services28
08519906Timber valuation services48