SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0851—Forestry Services
Establishments primarily engaged in performing, on a contract or fee basis, services related to timber production, wood technology, forestry economics and marketing, and other forestry services, not elsewhere classified, such as cruising timber, firefighting, and reforestation.

Cruising timberForestry services
Estimating timberPest control, forest
Fire prevention, forestReforestation
Firefighting, forestTimber valuation
Forest management plans, preparation of
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0851Forestry Services5,205
085100Forestry services3,431
08510000Forestry services3,431
085101Forest management services871
08510100Forest management services520
08510101Forest management plans, preparation of91
08510102Reforestation services260
085199Forestry services, nec903
08519901Fire fighting services, forest572
08519902Fire prevention services, forest149
08519903Pest control services, forest90
08519904Timber cruising services39
08519905Timber estimating services17
08519906Timber valuation services36