SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0171—Berry Crops
Establishments primarily engaged in the production of cranberries, bush berries, and strawberries.

Berry farmsDewberry farms
Blackberry farmsLoganberry farms
Blueberry farmsRaspberry farms
Cranberry bogsStrawberry farms
Currant farms
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0171Berry Crops1,317
017100Berry crops305
01710000Berry crops305
017199Berry crops, nec1,012
01719901Blackberry farm50
01719902Blueberry farm382
01719903Cranberry bog206
01719904Currant farm2
01719905Dewberry farm5
01719906Gooseberry farm6
01719907Loganberry farm3
01719908Raspberry farm67
01719909Strawberry farm291