09 - Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
09Fishing, Hunting and Trapping4,092
091299Finfish, nec107
09129901Bluefish, catching of3
09129902Cod, catching of10
09129903Eels, catching of0
09129904Haddock, catching of1
09129905Mackerel, catching of2
09129906Menhaden, catching of1
09129908Pollack, catching of4
09129909Rays, catching of0
09129910Salmon, catching of58
09129911Sea herring, catching of3
09129912Shark, catching of3
09129913Tuna, catching of17
09129914Whiting, catching of5
091301Digging of shellfish66
09130100Digging of shellfish0
09130101Clams, digging of24
09130102Mussells, taking of1
09130103Oyster beds28
09130104Oysters, dredging or tonging of13
091302Catching of shellfish291
09130200Catching of shellfish27
09130201Crabs, catching of42
09130202Crayfish, catching of11
09130203Lobsters, catching of117
09130204Shrimp, catching of91
09130205Squid, catching of3
0919Miscellaneous Marine Products174
091900Miscellaneous marine products73
09190000Miscellaneous marine products73
091901Whale fishing and whale products70
09190100Whale fishing and whale products17
09190101Whale fishing20
09190102Whale meat production5
09190103Whale oil production, crude28
091999Miscellaneous marine products, nec31
09199901Cultured pearl production3
09199902Frogs, catching of0
09199903Oyster shells, dredging6
09199904Sea urchins, catching of4
09199905Seal hunting1
09199906Seaweed, gathering of6
09199907Sponges, gathering of3
09199908Terrapins, catching of0
09199909Turtles, catching of8
0921Fish Hatcheries and Preserves959
092100Fish hatcheries and preserves409
09210000Fish hatcheries and preserves409
092199Fish hatcheries and preserves, nec550
09219901Fish hatcheries416
09219902Fishing preserves134
0971Hunting, Trapping, Game Propagation1,953
097100Hunting, trapping, game propagation251
09710000Hunting, trapping, game propagation251
097101Game services370
09710100Game services225
09710101Game management54
09710102Game preserve41
09710103Game propagation7
09710104Game retreat43
097102Hunting services568
09710200Hunting services370
09710201Hunting preserve161
09710202Hunting, commercial37
097199Hunting, trapping, game propagation, nec764
09719901Animal hunting and trapping, commercial139
09719902Wildlife management625