Industry: 0971—Hunting and Trapping, and Game Propagation
Establishments primarily engaged in commercial hunting and trapping, or in the operation of game preserves.

Animal trapping, commercialHunting carried on as a business enterprise
Game managementHunting preserves, operation of
Game preservesTrapping carried on as a business enterprise
Game propagationWildlife management
Game retreat, operation of
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
0971Hunting, Trapping, Game Propagation1,980
097100Hunting, trapping, game propagation210
09710000Hunting, trapping, game propagation210
097101Game services371
09710100Game services227
09710101Game management57
09710102Game preserve41
09710103Game propagation7
09710104Game retreat39
097102Hunting services625
09710200Hunting services419
09710201Hunting preserve171
09710202Hunting, commercial35
097199Hunting, trapping, game propagation, nec774
09719901Animal hunting and trapping, commercial136
09719902Wildlife management638