SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0919—Miscellaneous Marine Products
Establishments primarily engaged in miscellaneous fishing activities, such as catching or taking of sea urchins, terrapins, turtles, and frogs. The gathering of seaweed and sponges is also included in this industry.

Cultured pearl productionSponges, gathering of
Frogs, catching ofTerrapins, catching of
Sea urchins, catching ofTurtles, catching of
Seaweed, gathering of
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
0919Miscellaneous Marine Products163
091900Miscellaneous marine products80
09190000Miscellaneous marine products80
091901Whale fishing and whale products59
09190100Whale fishing and whale products21
09190101Whale fishing11
09190102Whale meat production4
09190103Whale oil production, crude23
091999Miscellaneous marine products, nec24
09199901Cultured pearl production4
09199902Frogs, catching of0
09199903Oyster shells, dredging4
09199904Sea urchins, catching of4
09199905Seal hunting1
09199906Seaweed, gathering of3
09199907Sponges, gathering of3
09199908Terrapins, catching of0
09199909Turtles, catching of6