Industry: 0913—Shellfish
Establishments primarily engaged in the catching or taking of shellfish.

Clams, digging ofOyster beds
Crab, catching ofOysters, dredging or tonging of
Crayfish, catching ofShellfish, catching of
Fisheries, shellfishShrimp, catching of
Lobsters, catching ofSquid, catching of
Mussels, taking of
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
091301Digging of shellfish69
09130100Digging of shellfish0
09130101Clams, digging of24
09130102Mussells, taking of1
09130103Oyster beds32
09130104Oysters, dredging or tonging of12
091302Catching of shellfish284
09130200Catching of shellfish26
09130201Crabs, catching of40
09130202Crayfish, catching of11
09130203Lobsters, catching of114
09130204Shrimp, catching of90
09130205Squid, catching of3