SIC Industry Description

Industry: 0912—Finfish
Establishments primarily engaged in the catching or taking of finfish.

Bluefish, catching ofPilchard, catching of
Cod, catching ofPollack, catching of
Eels, catching ofRays, catching of
Finfish, catching ofSalmon, catching of
Fisheries, finfishSea herring, catching of
Haddock, catching ofSharks, catching of
Mackerel, catching ofTuna, catching of
Menhaden, catching ofWhiting, catching of
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
091299Finfish, nec105
09129901Bluefish, catching of3
09129902Cod, catching of10
09129903Eels, catching of0
09129904Haddock, catching of2
09129905Mackerel, catching of2
09129906Menhaden, catching of1
09129908Pollack, catching of2
09129909Rays, catching of0
09129910Salmon, catching of62
09129911Sea herring, catching of3
09129912Shark, catching of2
09129913Tuna, catching of14
09129914Whiting, catching of4