Industry: 0179—Fruits and Tree Nuts, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in the production of fruits and nuts, not elsewhere classified. This industry also includes establishments deriving 50 percent or more of their total value of sales of agricultural products from fruit and tree nuts (Industry Group 017), but less than 50 percent from products of any single industry.

Avocado orchards and farmsKiwi fruit farms
Banana farmsOlive groves and farms
Coffee farmsPineapple farms
Date orchards and farmsPlantain farms
Fig orchards and farmsTropical fruit farms
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
0179Fruits and Tree Nuts, Nec581
017900Fruits and tree nuts, nec222
01790000Fruits and tree nuts, nec222
017999Fruits and tree nuts, nec, nec359
01799901Avocado orchard142
01799902Banana grove16
01799903Coconut grove16
01799904Date orchard22
01799905Fig orchard7
01799906Kiwi farm29
01799907Olive grove34
01799908Pineapple farm10
01799909Plantain grove5
01799910Coffee farm63
01799911Guava grove1
01799912Papaya grove8
01799913Mango grove6