SIC Codes and Counts by Division

Division: E — Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

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Code Industry Title Number of Business Establishments
40Railroad Transportation2,799
4011Railroads, Line-haul Operating2,436
4013Switching and Terminal Services363
41Local, Suburban Transit & Interurbn Hgwy Passenger Transport56,505
4111Local and Suburban Transit8,905
4119Local Passenger Transportation, Nec28,603
4131Intercity and Rural Bus Transportation1,036
4141Local Bus Charter Service1,666
4142Bus Charter Service, Except Local2,407
4151School Buses2,423
4173Bus Terminal and Service Facilities463
42Motor Freight Transportation294,577
4212Local Trucking, Without Storage166,203
4213Trucking, Except Local48,941
4214Local Trucking With Storage9,849
4215Courier Services, Except By Air9,660
4221Farm Product Warehousing and Storage863
4222Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage1,344
4225General Warehousing and Storage45,986
4226Special Warehousing and Storage, Nec9,749
4231Trucking Terminal Facilities1,982
43United States Postal Service21,427
4311U.S. Postal Service21,427
44Water Transportation15,384
4412Deep Sea Foreign Transportation of Freight727
4424Deep Sea Domestic Transportation of Freight348
4432Freight Transportation On The Great Lakes80
4449Water Transportation of Freight950
4481Deep Sea Passenger Transportation, Except Ferry191
4489Water Passenger Transportation601
4491Marine Cargo Handling1,181
4492Towing and Tugboat Service1,074
4499Water Transportation Services, Nec2,469
45Transportation by Air24,509
4512Air Transportation, Scheduled2,449
4513Air Courier Services1,867
4522Air Transportation, Nonscheduled2,297
4581Airports, Flying Fields, and Services17,896
46Pipelines, Except Natural Gas1,297
4612Crude Petroleum Pipelines790
4613Refined Petroleum Pipelines323
4619Pipelines, Nec184
47Transportation Services261,694
4724Travel Agencies45,752
4725Tour Operators10,808
4729Passenger Transportation Arrangement903
4731Freight Transportation Arrangement45,088
4741Rental of Railroad Cars159
4783Packing and Crating1,374
4785Inspection and Fixed Facilities789
4789Transportation Services, Nec156,821
4812Radiotelephone Communication32,027
4813Telephone Communication, Except Radio31,486
4822Telegraph and Other Communications516
4832Radio Broadcasting Stations13,445
4833Television Broadcasting Stations4,508
4841Cable and Other Pay Television Services8,768
4899Communication Services, Nec57,283
49Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services82,513
Total Business Establishments1,734,963

Division: E — Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services

This division includes establishments providing, to the general public or to other business enterprises, passenger and freight transportation, communications services, or electricity, gas, steam, water or sanitary services, and all establishments of the United States Postal Service.

For many of the industries in this division, the establishments have activities, workers, and physical facilities distributed over an extensive geographic area. For this division, the establishment is represented by a relatively permanent office, shop, station, terminal, or warehouse, etc. that is either (1) directly responsible for supervising such activities or (2) the base from which personnel operate to carry out these activities.

Many of the industries are engaged in various related activities. For example, establishments of communications, pipeline, and utility enterprises include a variety of activities, such as power generation, pumping, transmission, and distribution. Establishments primarily engaged in such activities are all classified in this division. Establishments primarily engaged in new or replacement construction for establishments of these types of enterprises are classified as operating establishments in Division C, Construction. Locations engaged in activities such as sales of electric appliances to household consumers are classified in Division G, Retail Trade.

The establishments classified in this division furnish services to the general public or to other business enterprises; establishments which furnish similar services only to other establishments of the same enterprise are classified as auxiliary to the establishments or units of the enterprise which they serve. However, separate establishments primarily engaged in long-distance trucking, stevedoring, water transportation, or pipeline transportation are classified according to their activity and not as auxiliaries, even though they serve only establishments of the same enterprise.